Across the Pond : Review of Hathor Diaries

Based very loosely on the the Danger Days universe from My Chemical Romance’s album of 2010 Ren has taken the idea and created a slew of exciting characters and engrossing storyline. Her unique style and creative imagination has given us a fresh and thought-provoking tale.

Amber is a runner, orphaned, alone and trying to survive in the desolate sandlands created by the Rei Wars. Each day is a struggle to find food or precious water whilst evading the Zoids who hunt down renegades to take back as workers … or worse. Her luck seems to change when she discovers a trailer with supplies, however, meeting the stranger Red was not on her agenda. Nor was what followed.

Overcoming problems together they find themselves thrown together and searching for allies. They plan to infiltrate and destroy Bastet City where the Wizard seems to hold thrall and the inhabitants are compliant users of Soma-Joy. Naturally things do not go to plan but the allies find help from an unlikely source.

Ren’s prose is beautifully crafted, I’ve read this book through twice now and each time found fresh pleasure in the vivid descriptions and lively dialogue.

Find Ren on Twitter or her blog where she is in the process of writing her second novel, Pitchfork Red.


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