Upgrade Wars deck building/tactical combat game beta goes open, available for free!

I’m trying something a little different here. In order to get more play testers involved, I’m giving away free copies of the beta game as a print and play product. It comes with a question form I’d love for you to fill out, but you’re under absolutely no obligation to do so.

Far in the future, war has been relegated to a spectator sport. As humanity has spread throughout the solar system, advances in material sciences have left us wanting for nothing yet craving new forms of entertainment.

3D printers ranging in size from miniscule to mammoth process material known as Nano-Goo (or just “Goo”) into virtually anything a person could need, from food and clothing to massive, space-faring ships. Using these technologies, a few enterprising individuals capitalized on humanities need for entertainment and have brought back to life the ancient custom of gladiatorial combat. Done safely by remotely operating (teleoperating) vastly powerful machines of war known as War Bots.

Large 3D printing structures are dropped onto remote asteroids and other small, celestial bodies. These come with a small compliment of devices which begin to process the raw materials of these asteroids into Goo, which these massive printers can use to create War Bots. Printers use a series of programs called .War Files, which give them the specifics of War Bots which they can then use Goo to print.

Governed by a strict set of rules, and limited by the programs made available to them, contestants manufacture and then fight with these giant machines, for the delight of audiences throughout the Solar System.

War Bots are printed out of Goo, which is programmed to take a specific form with specific functions. Because they are made of self organizing nanomaterials, War Bots can be modified by simple programs called .UPGrade Files – or upgrades. These upgrades can be applied to War Bots while they are in the field.

Upgrade Wars is a deck building, tactical combat game. Players begin the game with a starter deck of 10 resources and two War Bots (the giant robots that do the actual fighting).

Through the course of the game, they may purchase new programs to deploy as War Bots or to Upgrade existing War Bots that have already been deployed.

The battle field is divided into three zones for each player – the Printer zone (where the magic happens), the Defensive Ring and the Front Line – a zone shared by all players.

Your bots traverse the battlefield under your command in an attempt to reach other player’s printers and destroy them.

Complete Victory: The last player with a Printer still capable of creating War Bots wins the game!

Tactical Victory: Each enemy War Bot you destroy is worth 1 Victory Point. Each enemy Printer is worth 5 Victory Points. Once three card piles are depleted, the player with the most Victory Points wins!

Featuring strategic and tactical play – players must decide where and when to spend their resources, which can go to either purchasing new program files or deploying War Bots into the field of battle. At the same time, you must manage your existing War Bots to defend your Printer and attack the enemy.

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