An Indie Publisher sales update – Something Went Wrong, 2 weeks later

As a follow up to my previous post detailing what goes into making a 13 page indie RPG game and giving it away, along with a 19 page not-free version, here are some new numbers.

Something Went Wrong has been available to the public for two weeks and 1 day. In that time I’ve updated the product 5 times to fix niggling bugs and numerical inaccuracies, not to mention a few spelling mistakes. Since it’s release, SWW Free has been downloaded 580 times, not counting folks who downloaded updated versions. That’s a number I’m very happy with!

SWW-Gold, the version with graphics, formatting, character sheet and other goodies has been downloaded 56 times and garnered me a total of $29.90 in total earnings. After DTRPG takes their cut, that leaves me with $19.94. Not bad all in all! A number of folks earned themselves free copies, and downloaded them. A few also went out to reviewers – downloads which often vanish into the ether as I seldom see actual reviews from Featured Reviewers.

There’s the numbers, now here are my thoughts.

From folks in and around the internet communities I hang out on I’ve gotten fairly positive feedback, and enormous help in tracking down bugs and problems. From DriveThruRPG and affiliate sites, I’ve gotten pretty much empty silence. This often puzzles me. Did the 580 people who downloaded the free version hate it so vehemently that they just can’t be bothered to comment? Are the loving it so much they haven’t stopped playing it long enough to rate it? Or do they just not care to rate things in general? I’d love to get some solid feedback on the site I’m selling/giving these from but that just doesn’t happen as often as I (or I suspect other creators) would like.

All in all I’m quite pleased with this. For a short project with no lead-up time, quick development and a public beta/writing phase I think it’s doing quite well.

There you have it, two weeks and a day in and lots of people have grabbed the free version, a bunch of people have grabbed the paid version and some of those folks actually paid for it.

13 thoughts on “An Indie Publisher sales update – Something Went Wrong, 2 weeks later

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  1. I have gotten no feedback on my game either from DriveThruRPG, mind I’ve only sold 22 copies there. The other thing that strikes me is that my game was a Kickstarter and of the 70+ people that got books from that, only 4 have given me any feedback at all. When I run my game at cons I have to practically beg for feedback, and it is almost never anything negative (which befuddles me because my game ain’t perfect). Tell me what you want people……


    1. Yeah man, it’s a bit weird. I had expected people to be very vocal about games when I first starting releasing my stuff online. Even the free stuff – this is a hobby full of people who know what they want and like and usually aren’t too shy about sharing that.

      I’m not entirely sure why this is. It is frustrating when someone specifically asks for a review copy and doesn’t return on that – but then I can also understand it for some percentage of those folks. We all get busy, we all drop the ball every now and again.


  2. If you’re looking for another place to distribute your PDFs, head on over to It’s not just Pathfinder products there—plenty of indie publishers also release their products on the website. Read the FAQ and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have via email. 🙂


  3. As you will see from the following link, I now have a time slot and date to run your fabulous game, and with any luck the following Monday’s blog will be an actual play review. I’ve been talking it up around the society for a week or so, and linking people to DTRPG for you, but I’m not sure how many will download it. Positive buzz from my mates though has been great, with more one of them using the word ‘awesome’ when I give them a basic run down of the shifting GM mechanic.

    I’m really looking forward to giving it a shot myself, and as long as nothing else goes wrong, I should expect a glowing review from this blogger.


    1. Excellent! I hope you all have an amazing time, and most of you die! I mean that in-game, of course. 🙂

      What’s this Culture thing happening two? Who’s adapted what to fit Banks’ culture books?


      1. That’s out society president, who was very inspired after picking up a few of the books. I think he’s using Savage worlds as it’s a system he knows pretty well, and if the one-off trial goes OK, I think he might be looking at doing it as a longer game.


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