Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places, a system neutral book full of NPCs, Encounters, Items and Places is available now!

Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places is a source book for any fantasy role playing game. In it you will find Non-player characters, items, adventure hooks, encounters & beasties – all easily added to your campaign with a minimum of effort. 50+ pages full of adventure, intrigue, danger and rewards. EPP is available starting today as a PDF at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow for just $6.00. Softcover editions will be coming to both DTRPG and Amazon.com in the near future.


Detail descriptions and motivations, including suggestions for powers, dominant traits and the reasoning behind their existence. Each NPC is well fleshed out and includes suggestions for inserting them into your campaigns.


Interesting and original creatures and situations that can be used as one off encounters, side quests or as the basis for larger adventures within your campaign. Great for conventions, one shot games, or as detailed additions to your current campaign.


New magical items that have never been seen before. Detailed descriptions, methods of operation, usage and pitfalls for every item.


Eerie villages, sites of conflict, areas of interest: detailed descriptions of areas your party can wander through. Add in an items, encounters and NPCs as you see fit.

Adventure Hooks

Brief summaries for use in creating your own adventures. Think of them as seeds from which your entire campaign can grow.

The Goods

The PDF version is actually 3 PDFs. The base PDF is 7.5MB in size and has everything you need. The tablet optimzed PDF is 20+MB in size and works on iPads and android tablets. Finally, the easy print PDF is 7.2MB in size and has a white background with no cover, to minimize toner use. EPP weighs in at 63 pages in length, 60 of which is pure content.

12 fully fleshed out NPCs, ready to add depth and dimension to your game.

15 detailed encounters to keep your players on their toes.

6 fresh, new items to instill that sense of wonder back into your game.

5 detailed places for your characters to discover.

You’ll find links between all of the above throughout the document, highlighting NPCs, encounters, items and places that work extraordinarily well together.

In addition to this, several pages of adventure hooks to get your GM creative juices flowing!

The Deal

Retailing at $6.00 for the PDF, when I kickstarted this I set the pre-order price at $5.00. For the next week you too can take advantage of the pre-order price and save yourself a buck. If you click this link, you’ll be taken directly to DrivethruRPG with EPP in your cart at the $5.00 price.

Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places

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