Across the Pond : RATS!

Lurking around Google+ a few weeks ago, I saw a plea for help from Uri Kurlianchik. He wanted voiceovers for a video to promote the fundraising for his RPG game. My daughter got involved and I thought you guys would like to see what Uri is planning.

RATS! is a satiric role playing game chronicling the rats’ awakening and subsequent holy war against modern humanity, other animals, each othe,r and numerous inanimate objects as well. Players take on the role of intelligent rats who participate in various insanely dangerous, or just plain insane, missions to further the rodent cause.

Using streamlined mechanics based on third edition d20, RATS! allows the rapid creation and decimation of rat characters. There are thirteen diverse cultures, three elite cultures, six races, twenty starting habitats, and a gazillion feats, skills and mutations (inspired by a hundred years of misunderstanding radiation) to customize characters. Thus, while characters are very simple to create and play, they are highly diverse.

There are no classes or levels. Rat characters advance by gaining new abilities and mutations, which are bought directly with XP, and by growing in size. A sufficiently experienced character is a right proper ratzilla. There are no hit points, either. Every time your character is hit, a consequence is rolled. These range from the embarrassing (you make an undignified sound) to the horrifying (you blow up like a watermelon in a Gallagher show). This means that you gain mutilations and scars even as you grow in fame and power.

Players can take on the roles of heroic rats on a grand quest to make the world a rattier place, or manage packs for many litters, placing the good of the collective before their own (yeah right!). Rats can also be used as antagonists in a human-starring horror or science fiction campaign, but that’s a really mean and unfair thing to do.

Rats can be found on Facebook

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