Indie+2 the online Indie RPG Convention is a go! October 29th – November 4th

Save the date! Indie+2, the second iteration of the Indie+ Online convention will be happening between October 29th and November 4th!

Indie+ is all about the rich and diverse tabletop gaming culture that exists beyond the realm of the big boys with their marketing budgets and corporate mentality. It’s about the bloggers and podcasts who tell us about the games; the artists and writers who bring ideas to life; and the publishers who take the hobby in new directions.

Whether amateur, semi-pro or professional, if you are doing it love of gaming, Indie+ is the place for you. Join us on our Google+ Page for the latest news and chat.

Indie+ will feature online game sessions  and talks hosted on Google Plus! There will be a fantastic bundle featuring some of the best Independent RPG games and supplements available, all at a price that’ll make you sit up and take notice. Podcast interviews, live talks, games you’ve been dying to experience – all online.

I don’t have the hard facts behind this, but I’m fairly certain this is the only gaming convention you can attend entirely in your underwear and not worry about getting arrested. I would advise that if you do this, and have a webcam, you strategically aim the webcam so as not to offend anyone.

Mark your calendars folks, this is going to be great!

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