New Column at Troll in the Corner: Epic Level Artistry!

Merlin Fanart. Just kidding.

If you’re like me, the first thing you do when you get your hands on a new RPG book is flip through it to look at the art. Unless it’s a digital book in which case I scroll through to look at the art. When I first started playing MtG, I loved looking at the images. My favorite RPG artist is probably Tony DiTerlizzi, specifically his work in the Planescapes book.

RPG art makes the world and the characters. As visual creatures, it piques our interests and pulls us in, gets our gears turning and inspires us. Visual cues tell us about the kind of culture the character comes from, the type of person the character is. An illustration of a wide, sweeping plain dotted with buffalo implies a very different campaign than the backdrop of an alien ocean, complete with glowing fish and cephalopod-like denizens. Before you’ve even statted your character, ideas start rolling in your head.

Some people are good at getting those images from their heads onto paper or pixels. From the friend who offers to draw your character around the gaming table to the artist at busy game corporations fleshing out archetypal classes and races, these people help breathe life into the worlds we all explore together.

It was out of this appreciation I decided to start Epic Level Artistry. Epic Level Artistry’s mission is to show off the skill and enthusiasm of those artists among us who use their training and talent to bring people and places to our eyes. Some of them work for gaming companies. Some work for themselves. Some specialize in logos, character design. Others are cartographers of the fantastic. Others still make comics influenced by games they’ve played in the past or still play to this day.

Twice a month, on the 15th and the last day of the month Troll in the Corner will have an interview with an artist, complete with examples of their work. We’ll ask them what projects they’ve worked on, their favourite settings to play in, artists they admire, the last time they gamed, what kind of training they’ve had and more! I’ve already got Amy Clare Learmonth and Devin Knight slotted for September and some other really amazing artists have gotten in touch with me. I can’t wait to share their art and insights with you all.

Some of you might be thinking, hey! I am artist? REALLY? Well then, email me at trisj at backthatelfup dot com with a brief intro and some links to your portfolio and we’ll get you in!

I’m really stoked to get this going and I hope you enjoy it as well. Keep your eyes peeled on September 15th for Amy Clare Learmonth and September 30th for Devin Knight. After that, who knows? I’ll have my eyes peeled for more great creators and bring them to you here at Troll in the Corner.

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