Something Went Wrong

Something Went Wrong.  Everyone’s the GM and no one is, but not all at once.

Coming soon to a DriveThruRPG near you.

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  1. Hmmm… Interesting tagline. But then you go directly into the game rules. This is the internet and there’s lots of stuff out there. Can you give me something between the two? What’s the hook? Otherwise, you’ll get a lot of people moving on without even giving you a TL;DR to explain.


  2. A group of skilled adventurers go on one last adventure to secure their futures and fortunes. Something they’ve all done, any number of times. And then something goes wrong. Featuring almost 5 classes, literal tons of gold and monster knitting circles, you won’t want to miss out on this.

    The premise is simple! As experienced adventurers, your characters succeed at just about everything in game. The only exceptions are hitting monsters with weapons and hitting monsters with spells. For those, you’ll have to roll.

    Players take turns as the GM leading their group of characters through one or more encounters. Every round of each encounter features another player taking the roll of the GM. The goal? Use your experience to cause the other characters to fail spectacularly! The last character left standing wins all the loot and gets to brag about it at the local tavern.

    Something Went Wrong is a quick game which can be played with zero preparation. All you’ll need are a d6, a d12, some paper and pencils and a good dose of humor.

    Character creation takes roughly 5 minutes and a game can be played over the course of an hour or two.


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