Bite Sized Interview with Tiffany Simmons

We’ve all been there. We sit down to game, character sheets lined up, miniature strategically placed, and ready to spend the next several hours immersed in adventure!

And then someone gets the munchies.

Game is paused, debate ensues on what food to get, dietary needs and cravings discussed, money is pooled, and, eventually, food happens. But it’s messy and the classic character sheet drips are inevitable. Sometimes it’s not the most healthy or tasty. Maybe someone’s culinary tastes are not satisfied (aka the picky eater). Maybe plates and forks and napkins and take out containers take over the table and dice are shoved to the wayside. Regardless, valuable gaming time is lost and, while stomachs are placated it’s a less than stellar meal.

Enter the +5 Food of Eating! A cook book designed for gamers by gamers. This Kickstarter, headed by the delightful Tiffany Simmons, has been featured on websites such as io9, GeekOSystem, and Gaming As Women. I had the great pleasure in chatting with Tiff via Google+ Hangout On Air for the interview so you can view it yourself! It’s only 20 minutes long so you could even watch during your lunch break (and think about the recipes you could be eating straight out of the book!).


+5 Food of Eating Interview with Tiffany Simmons


We discuss how she got started on this Kickstarter, what kind of recipes it will have, who can use it, and other delightful tidbits. No one has to be a good chef, or even a gamer, to get something out of this book! So far it has exploded past it’s starting goal of $3,500 and is well on it’s way to the latest stretch goal of $10,500! Over 500 backers have decided this book worthy of publication, what about you? Be sure to visit the Google+ page and learn how to become a backer. Hurry! Less than a week is left!






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