Update on Jonathan's Podcasts

Credit to Flickr user emma.kate

“For the times they are a-changin'” as Bob Dylan famously sang. Change can be very good and I hope the alterations to my shows will be positive.

After much thought I have decided to close down Gamer Tunes. I am passionate about music for gamers and believe it to be an integral part of gamerdom. Passion isn’t enough to sustain a podcast. Gamer Tunes is merging with Geeks Explicitly. From time to time I will share musical guests, reviews, and podsafe music with listeners as part of the Geeks Explicitly show.

That leads, nicely I might add, into Geeks Explicitly news. Drew McCarthy has stepped down as co-host for the show. He is pursuing other activities that he geeks out about. I remain as host and am actively seeking an enthusiastic co-host. If you know of anyone please leave a comment below. Upcoming episodes feature reviews of S.M. Vidaurri‘s debut graphic novel Iron, or the war after, graphic designer Jeremy Kostiew, and Trollitc head honcho/Indie Talks host Ben Gerber.

Geeks Explicitly is maintaining its schedule. New episodes are recorded on a Tuesday and released on Thursday. You can listen to new episodes every week. I hope you will continue to tune into each 20-30 minute episode.

Wargaming Recon also undergoes change. Episode 76 featured my review of Wally Simon’s Secrets of Wargame Design. On Saturday, August 4th I am delighted to record the next episode. Russ Lockwood, editor and publisher of Wally Simon’s Secrets of Wargame Design, will be the guest for that show. You have until THURSDAY to send me questions/comments that you want me to share with Russ.

Wargaming Recon continues to live primarily at www.wargamingforums.com BUT Trollitc.com listeners can also get new episodes in the show notes posted to Trollitc. The show is transforming to 30-45 minute episodes that are recorded on Mondays and released on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. In August, for example, new episodes will release on Monday August 13th AND Monday August 27th.

I expect the defined release schedule and new episode duration will make it easier for me to stay true to publishing new content for you on this expected and regular basis.

Finally, you can leave me voicemail for ANY of my shows. Please call (347) 470-4263 to leave me voicemail from your computer or your phone. You will hear a message saying you can leave a message for Wargaming Recon but you can leave one for any of my shows. Please state which show your message is for.

Thank you everyone and I look forward to serving you better with these changes.

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