Across the Pond: Review of Exhumed

Exhumed is the fourth book in the “Demons of Oblivion” series by Skyla Dawn Cameron. Read an overview of the first three here.

Each of the first three books are told from a different character’s perspective. The first introduced us to Zara Lain, a sassy vampire assassin. She had a job to do, and her reputation was on the line, so she completed her assignment … sort of.

Her “assignment” has now awoken. A little sooner than expected. With problems she had never foreseen.

The trouble was, Zara had collected the payment–the rather large payment–then proceeded to build her reputation on a completed task that wasn’t really completed. People are not going to be pleased.

Together with her cohorts (not friends; definitely not friends) Zara now has to resolve unforeseen problems, defend her reputation, and deal with the unexpected plot twists that Ms. Cameron’s (evil) imagination created.

I set aside an evening to finish this book, I knew that once I was into the story I’d be reluctant to put it down. I was right.

Read my interview with Skyla.

Purchase (for a very reasonable price) from Mundania Press – dead-tree and various electronic versions available.

Author, Artist, Editor
New series website:
Mundania Press LLC

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