Indie Talks episode 5a – Alf Seegert

A very special Indie Talks! I have board game designer Alf Seegert joining me to discuss just about every aspect of board gaming under this great golden sun of ours. We talk about his previously published games, Bridge Troll, Trollhala and The Road to Canturbury. We also discuss his current game, currently being Kickstarted by Gryphon Games – Fantastiqa!


You can find out all about Alf’s games, life and more at! Check out the Fantastiqa Kickstarter as well. If you’re really into board games (and I’ll bet you are!) check out Alf’s BoardGameGeek page too!

Contact me with comments:, follow me on twitter @trollitc and also check us out on iTunes! While you’re at it, there’s the Indie Talks Facebook page and the Indie Talks Google+ page. Myspace…well, I won’t go there if you wont. Please do rate this podcast on iTunes, and leave feedback through any of these links!

This episode brought to you by RPGOrbit!
The music you hear is “Infralove” by Diablo Swing Orchestra, available free and CC licensed at Jamendo.

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