The Michael Rohan Memorial Fund RPG Bundle

Recently, Kevin Rohan of Silver Gryphon Games and his family suffered the tragic loss of his son, Michael. In response, the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund (read all about it here) was started, and numerous publishers have banded together to give you over US $240 of product for $12 to support this fund.

You can, and should check out this bundle – tons of amazing stuff in here! I’ve also added my own books to the mix. It’s also for a worthy cause that’s come out of a terrible tragedy. With a six-year-old of my own, I cannot even imagine what Kevin and his family must be going through right now.

This bundle will only be available  until August 1st. After the jump, see what you get in this fantastic bundle.

Argyle & Crew’s Little Book of Big Ideas
Reg. price: $7.50 $2.00
Call to Arms: Archer’s Arsenal
Reg. price: $1.99
CLASSifieds: Pyromancer
Reg. price: $1.99
CLASSifieds: Striker
Reg. price: $1.99
CLASSifieds: Wolfsworn
Reg. price: $1.99
Cooking With Class
Reg. price: $7.95
Modern Item Cards
Reg. price: $1.99
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Catfolk
Reg. price: $1.99
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Minotaur
Reg. price: $1.99
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Ratfolk
Reg. price: $1.99
Steampunk Musha Explorer’s Guide
Reg. price: $0.00
Superpowered Dossier: Eclipse
Reg. price: $0.98
Superpowered Dossier: Oblivion
Reg. price: $0.98
Superpowered Dossier: Turnkey
Reg. price: $0.98
Where Heroes Fear To Tread
Reg. price: $2.50 $0.00
Dragon Reaches of Marakush
Reg. price: $14.95 $3.00
Dragon Reaches Map
Reg. price: $0.00

Gods of Aruneus
Reg. price: $1.00

Saxons Set
Reg. price: $3.00 $2.10
Monsters Set
Reg. price: $3.00 $2.10
Celts Set
Reg. price: $3.00 $2.10
King Arthur Set
Reg. price: $5.00 $3.50
The World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies 2.0 [PFRPG]
Reg. price: $0.99

The World of Aruneus – Orcs! A Player Character Expansion [PFRPG]
Reg. price: $2.00 $0.99

Mirkmoot’s More Magical Mayhem for Creatures Small and Great [PFRPG]
Reg. price: $0.99
Herbology of Aruneus
Reg. price: $1.00
The Supplicant – a new class for Aruneus and Pathfinder
Reg. price: $1.00
Modern Dispatch (#104): Line Zero
Reg. price: $0.99
Albenistan: Election Day (Modern Dispatch 113)
Reg. price: $0.99
Modern Dispatch 120: Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit
Reg. price: $0.99
HMS Relentless
Reg. price: $6.96
Fantastical Currencies – Dark Kingdom Edition
Reg. price: $3.99

Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Vol. 2
Reg. price: $3.99
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Master Set 1
Reg. price: $4.99
The Roleplayer’s Leechbook
Reg. price: $3.99
Sir Reginald Lichlyter’s Wine & Spirit Emporium
Reg. price: $3.99
Justice City Superpowered
Reg. price: $9.99 $2.98
Superpowered Dossier: Blue Streak
Reg. price: $0.98
Superpowered Dossier: Cerberus
Reg. price: $0.98
Superpowered Dossier: Crimson Bolt
Reg. price: $0.98
Argyle & Crew – Adventure in the Land of Skcos
Reg. price: $9.00 $2.99
Superior Synergy: Fantasy PFRPG Edition
Reg. price: $8.99
Madam Mombi presents: Superstitions & Cottage Myths
Reg. price: $3.99
Savage Insider Premium Issue #1
Reg. price: $4.95
Savage Tales #10: Through the Cathode Ray Tube
(PEG ST10)
Reg. price: $5.95
Old School Fantasy #1: A Keg for Dragon (Savage Worlds Edition)
Reg. price: $5.00
The Dark Fantasy of Sundrah – Core Rulebook
Reg. price: $14.95 $5.00
Scaldcrow Generic: Town of Hokum
Reg. price: $6.15 $7.99
The Tower of Dr. Alienstein
Reg. price: $5.00
Tomorrowland: The Art of Aaron Acevedo
Reg. price: $14.95 $9.95
Arcane Kingdoms
Reg. price: $1.99
Wellstone City
(SGG 12000)
Reg. price: $4.99
Schroedinger’s Box – Savage Worlds
(SGG 12010)
Reg. price: $2.49
(SGG 3001)
Reg. price: $4.99le
Æther Core Book
(SGG 7002)
Reg. price: $6.25
The Schwartzentoten-Moonbeam Device
Reg. price: $0.50

Story Maps: Desert Oasis (PDF)
Reg. price: $6.95
Quantum Sliders: Arabian Nights
Reg. price: $3.99
Savage Suzerain Player’s Guide (Savage Worlds)
Reg. price: $12.95
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition
Reg. price: $3.99
Fantastical Currencies: Dwarven Treasure
Reg. price: $3.99
Tavern Menus
Reg. price: $3.99
Tavern Menus: Pirate Food & Spirits
Reg. price: $3.99
Daring Tales of Adventure #01 – To End All Wars & Chaos on Crete
Reg. price: $6.99
Hellfrost Adventure: #01 – Lair of the Vermin Lord
Reg. price: $7.99
Necropolis 2350 – Opener of the Ways
Reg. price: $8.50
Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!)
Reg. price: $15.00 $0.99

Devious NPCs and Curious Creatures [PFRPG]
Reg. price: $2.99 $2.00
Modern Floorplans: Hotel
Reg. price: $3.50
Call to Arms: Tomes of Power
Reg. price: $1.99
12TM: Chickens in the Mist
Reg. price: $4.95 $2.48
Modern Floorplans: Passenger Jets
Reg. price: $2.95
Modern Floorplans: Summer Camp
Reg. price: $2.75
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Reg. price: $1.00


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