Across the Pond : Review of Thief

I originally wrote this a while ago but as the third book is out soon wanted to refresh everyone’s memories. Look for my review of the second book, Shades of War, tomorrow.

*Disclaimer. I know the author online but I bought my own copy of this book and she did not request a review

I was warned that the main character, Sevy, was a bitch – and she is – but she is that way for a reason, several in fact and though you may abhor her lack of morals and her mercurial temper you come to care for her in a strange, if slightly warped, way. Jarro is the swooningly handsome thief with a heart, oh dear that makes him sound terribly clichéd yet he has that pinch of spice that makes him much more. Then there’s Revik, a dark elf with fire-red eyes and the terror of the bogey-man trailing him through the dank, crime-ridden streets of Eloria.

Ms Lehoux’s style of writing is akin to a celtic knot; well designed lines of prose curving into a beautifully wrought tale taking you within itself and twining around the corners of your mind. I enjoyed the way her story unfolded through the eyes and minds of her characters as one by one you were told the tale through the differing perspectives of woman, man and dark elf. This literary device gave you glimpses of their backgrounds and insights into their personal lives, thoughts and feelings. You saw Eloria in its depravity and yet discovered there were slivers of hope and love lurking beneath the dross. You learned about the homelands and lore of the dark elves, shunned by humans as being below even the lowest guttersnipe in the city.

I don’t want to give away too much (well anything really) but suffice it to say that you are going to be horrified, surprised, saddened and left wanting more when the tale reaches its last page. Yet fear not, there are more delectable tales just peeking over the horizon.

Order the book (as pdf or dead tree version) at Mundania Press or through Amazon, Waterstones and other good outlets.

Check out Sarah-Jane Lehoux’s own website for more information.

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