Troll in the Corner Podcast Network Stats – June 2012

This month the Troll in the Corner Podcast Network (TCPN) was launched. Four podcasts quickly released and more are on the way. This post is the first of, hopefully, a monthly recounting of podcast stats. Think of it as a Top 10 list of our podcasts. The four shows accumulated over 1,500 listens this month. Not too shabby for our debut.

Most Popular Podcasts
4) Gamer Tunes – 154
3) Wargaming Recon – 340*
2) Geeks Explicitly – 495
1) Indie Talks – 588

What do the numbers mean?
The number after the show’s name is the total number of listens the show received for all of its recordings. For example, Gamer Tunes was listened to 154 times.

The asterisk next to Wargaming Recon is to signify that the number is only for the last 30 days. The numbers for the other shows cover from now going back to the beginning of time (aka when they began…June in our case). Wargaming Recon began in 2006 and it has a total of 6,156 listens.

In other words, Indie Talks is the most listened to show on the network. Congrats Ben!

# of Recordings

3) Wargaming Recon – 1
2) Gamer Tunes – 2
TIE for 1st
Indie Talks – 6
Geeks Explicitly – 6

This means that Geeks Explicitly and Indie Talks are the most prevalent shows on the network. Congrats Ben, Drew, and ME!

# of Listens (average) per Recording

4) Gamer Tunes – 77
3) Geeks Explicitly – 83
2) Indie Talks – 98
1) Wargaming Recon – 340

What do these numbers mean? We took the number of recordings and divided it with the number of listens. That means on an episode by episode basis Wargaming Recon gets more listeners.

Congrats to…ME!

Thank you to everyone who has given us a chance, to Jeremy Kostiew of MightyNightGaunt for creating the podcast logos, and to everyone at TrollITC for making this a success.

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