Notes From The Idea Factory: Places That Inspire

The first exquisite beast courtesy of the exquisite beast on tumbler.

This weeks note from the idea factory is going to be a bit short. Things have gotten hectic with my production schedule for Toys for the Sandbox, Whackpack adventuers and editing a podcast that will debut here shortly.

I wanted to take a moment this week to point to a few sources for gaming inspiration.

First off over on Google+ a few folks are using the #gaminginspiration  hash tag to make it easier to find posts that positively ooze possibilities.  It is also a spot where I drop a lot of the tidbits I find from around the web.

Second is what I think of as my twice weekly fix of monster ideas. The Exquisite Beast is a project where artists Evan Dahm and Yoko Ota take turns morphing and evolving beast. Each post is accompanied by a bit text talking about how the creature has mutated and what sort of environment it lives in now.

These are just a couple of the place I go when I need a bit of a jumpstart for my thought process. How about you, any tried and true online source for inspiration?

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