Across the Pond : Stealing is Wrong

I hear a lot about theft of Intellectual Property from my writer friends (here and here) and it always annoys me when I hear about people’s hard work being pirated. So when I saw this posted on Facebook I thought I would add a post here so more people will firstly be aware that horrid people do this, and secondly know if they see something like this not to buy anything.

Stolen Art at MCM Expo – read the post & check out the links to the images. This is UK-based but could be happening anywhere. The following is taken from the previous link, the writer is obviously very annoyed at what’s been going on.

This “stall” belongs to a Dealer who exhibited at London Expo this weekend.

Images look familiar? They should. They’re all STOLEN.

This guy claims to be the “genius” behind these works of art. Truth is, the majority, if not ALL of them, have been swiped from deviantART, printed on canvas and sold WITHOUT PERMISSION.

This guy is a fraud, a plagiarist, a thief and liar. Why is he even allowed to exhibit at London Expo.

We all need to gather proof that this guy isn’t all he claims to be. If you recognise ANY of these images. PLEASE SHARE OR COMMENT BELOW. A lot of these works are by American artists. We need to inform them and put a stop to this.

So, if you see stuff like this going on do check whether the seller actually has the rights to sell the work before buying anything. If you recognise any work then let the creator know if you can.

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