Indie Talks Episode 1.5 – Playing with Space Time

As this is my podcast, I will occasionally throw out the rules and hit you all up with some special specials. Like now! Three episodes, back to back because there’s stuff that needs to be heard.

Episode 4 will be episode 2, but retain it’s fourness via being numbered 4. Episode 3 will follow episode four, as will episode 2, with episode five arriving just when it was supposed to. Episode 4 was going to fall on an extra day anyway, so it’s an extra episode.

Now, two Kickstarters to look out for, a benefit for an awesome camp and a give away!

Why? Tabletop Forge is having a kickstarter! And it’s going swimmingly! Run, do not walk to the show notes and hit that sucker up – you will not regret it. I’m throwing in some pathfinder PDFs for one of the backer levels and they’ve already exceeded what they need to become funded!

Next up in the kickstarter world – City of Clocks Fantasy Systemless Setting! City of Clocks is a systemless industrial fantasy setting focused on a massive city, rich in history, on the brink of a massive internal conflict.

If you’re anywhere near Pennsylvania you should definitely check out the Discs and Dice Benefit for Camp Fireflies, a camp for teens with ADHD, Asperger’s, and autism. Hangout, game, camp, disc golf! Here’s the (PDF) flyer and where you can register for overnight camping.

I’m giving away a bunch of my Pathfinder based PDFs. Zombies, magic items, NPCs, encounters – about $13 worth of product for zip, zero, nothin’. Listen to the podcast to see how!

Last but not least, thanks to Fiddlestickz at /r/rpg for whipping up this little doodle in record time.

Contact me with comments:, follow me on twitter @trollitc and also check us out on iTunes! While you’re at it, there’s the Indie Talks Facebook page and the Indie Talks Google+ page. Myspace…well, I won’t go there if you wont. Please do rate this podcast on iTunes, and leave feedback through any of these links!

This episode brought to you by RPGOrbit!
The music you hear is “Infralove” by Diablo Swing Orchestra, available free and CC licensed at Jamendo.

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