City of Clocks on Kickstarter – check it!

As someone developing their own system neutral source book, I can only applaud the effort that’s going into this one! I’ve chatted online with James who’s spearheading this project and it truly sounds amazing!
City of Clocks is a systemless industrial fantasy setting focused on a massive city, rich in history, on the brink of a massive internal conflict. The city is home to two million souls, mostly human but also a smattering of other races. The city is a pressure-cooker of tensions among the noble houses that roost at the top of the societal food-chain, the various factions that struggle for the hearts and minds of the working class, and the autocratic Parliament that sits atop it all and bring an iron fist down on anyone who would dispute their rule. In all this, an ancient seed of power is awakening in humanity, a genetic legacy that once brought down humanity’s predecessor-creators and could spell out the same fate for the Parliament and any who’d deny the people of the city freedom. The Incarna, those imbued with these strange and terrible abilities, now take sides in a burgeoning conflict that could finally free the city — or destroy it entirely.

City of Clocks as a project has a very long history. I originally started writing it in 2003 as a setting for Dream Pod 9’s Silhouette system (which is where most folks may have heard of it), and the project went into hiatus for many years until it was revived recently. The publisher who currently owns the rights to City of Clocks has no plans to publish, so we are raising money through Kickstarter to fund a rights buy-back, to pay for layout and art for the setting, and to fund all the minor things that come with a product release. Unlike a lot of other Kickstarter projects, City of Clocks is completely written and edited, and the bulk of the Kickstarter drive is to get back the rights to the setting and put it out there for people to use however they like, be it for tabletop gaming, minis play, tactical wargaming, or whatever else they’d like to do with it.

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