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'Ear seeds' by superfantastic on Flickr
'Ear seeds' by superfantastic on Flickr

In the spirit of reddit‘s Ask Me Anything threads, we’re opening up the comments on this post for you, the readers, to talk with all the assembled authors and editors at Troll in the Corner. Have a question about the site, gaming, or geekdom? Ask us anything!

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  1. I run several different games in which players earn points (like Drama points or Bennies). While these points can be used to advance the character, since I usually run one-shots, they are usually used in game to improve rolls, adding to dice pool, creating a needed item, etc. I have a hard time coming up with opportunities for my players to earn these points. If a character aspect goes against them, for example, they earn a point. Or if they play to their character’s Motivation, they earn a point. The problem is, I have a hard time remembering all the aspects or motivations to start with, and coming up with a scene that compels them on the fly is even more difficult. Any tips for me?


  2. Hey Wendy,

    A few things you could try. First, put part of the onus on the players – have them point out when someone plays to their character’s motivation. This is a great way to encourage folks to do this and helps you keep track – plus it can foster the group’s sense of being a group. I do this with XP at the end of my OSR sessions – if everyone’s pulling for everyone else, not only is it more fun, but everyone remembers more than just a single person will. This may be group dependent and may not work for everyone.

    Second – Keep a running list. Tablets/laptops/phones/notepad and pencil are good for doing this. It may break the mood or seem a bit ‘meta’ but if you’re going to make it a point to offer these rewards, folks should understand when you go to track them.

    Third – Everyone gets 3. Yup, it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it sure as hell simplifies things. They start the game out with three. If they do something really outrageous or so far into character that the table grinds to a halt in worshipful silence – they get an extra one.

    That help?


  3. Wendy another thing you might try is to right up a list of situations that connect to the plot that may play off an aspect or motivation of one of the players. Put your beni point token on the list and if that comes up take it off and hand it to them. In the same vain keep a bowl, basket or urn with the beni makers in the middle of the table so you have another reminder for yourself and the players.


  4. I agree with all points made above, including that I forget handing out bennies sometimes. I think it helps if you’re playing a recurring game, since you tend to remember what’s come up in play if it’s come up more often.
    I don’t know if what I just said was grammatically correct, but hey.

    OK, here’s another question: do people prefer to play crunchy or light rules?


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