I've been rejected!

I’ve decided to start writing literature for children. Actually I decided this some time ago; now I’m acting on it. It’s a side project to my side projects.

Of course, with my attempts at writing, and submitting them to people, comes rejection. I’m rather proud of being rejected, because it means that rather than thinking about doing this, I have done it and am trying.

I decided to spice up my rejection letters to give them a bit more oomph. Perhaps if agencies out there did this, there would be fewer hard feelings?

I believe I may do this for every rejection I receive, as a way to stay inspired and not dwell on rejection. Think positive! Positive with animated, fighting skeletons!

2 thoughts on “I've been rejected!

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  1. Thanks Brian. I honestly think that many publishing houses and folks who represent artistic types could benefit from rejection letters formatted like this.

    I’m happy to provide my rejection letter formatting services too them.


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