Alderac sets Thunderstone free – Print and Play the original for nothing but the cost of ink and paper

I thought everyone out there should know that Thunderstone, the original version, has gone free. Now for the first time, you can download the heroes, monsters, and village cards from the first Thunderstone set, the one that started it all, absolutely free.

You can read the announcement here or skip the niceties and get right into your monster killing and shopping by downloading the cards as PDFs here.  You can grab the rules as a PDF from BGG here.

From AEG:

These cards are updated to the Thunderstone Advance standard, and the art has been “remastered” for this print and play edition.

We included the basic decks from Thunderstone Advance as well, so when you download the rules, there’s no confusion. Just print, cut, sleeve, and play. You can mix them seamlessly with your Towers of Ruin cards, and with Caverns of Bane coming out in July. (We’ll start previewing those in a week or two!)

Don’t have Towers of Ruin yet? Just in case that slipepd by you somehow, we put a coupon in the download as well. Get 10% off if you order it from the AEG online store with the special code inside!

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