Geeks Explicitly – Entering Ear Canals Soon

Do you remember me asking if you would listen to a Troll in the Corner podcast? No, I didn’t think so. I did, though. Pinky swear.

That post was my not so secretive way of telling all of you that Troll in the Corner is taking podcasting more seriously. We’re drilling into your ears with shows on a myriad of topics that you simply must listen.

The first of these new shows is Geeks Explicitly. Geeks Explicitly, oh yes I did just use the podcast’s name to both end one and start another sentence, is a 15-20 minute long show co-hosted by my buddy Drew McCarthy and myself. We chat about geek life in general. Anything from movies, gaming, TV, music, comics, toys, our jobs, our lives and MORE exists under the umbrella of Geeks Explicitly.

The show is a raw, live format conversational podcast. We do NOT edit the show. It is as real as it gets. You will hear every bit of awesome and every verbal stutter that escapes our lips. No punches are pulled and this is definitely NOT a family friendly podcast.

We may swear and don’t be surprised if grownup topics are discussed. Heck, we may imbibe a cold one or two during some episodes.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if someone brought a microphone to your night out with the guys, then you’ve been unconsciously thinking about Geeks Explicitly.

The first episode is recording this week. I’ll publish it as soon as everything is in place. You can expect new episodes to release every other week.

Be sure to tell your friends about Geeks Explicitly. You can contact us by e-mailing, follow us on Twitter @GeeksExplicitly, or Like our Facebook page.

In the coming weeks you will be see other podcasts appearing on Troll in the Corner. We hope that you’ll like what we have to offer. Don’t be shy, please comment on the respective blog postings.

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