Operation Montauk

I’ll start this review by telling a little story of my own.  Michael Crichton and H.G. Wells are sitting around in (insert afterlife of choice here).  They are sipping brandy and talking about their collective creative works.

“I was always a really big fan of time travel; The Time Machine was a book I read numerous times as a child,”  Michael gushed while twirling his finger along the edge of his snifter.

“Why, thank you,” Wells remarked between puffs on his pipe.  “Oh, and I finally got around to reading that little dinosaur thing you wrote.  Good show ,old chap.”

“I have come to realize that the world is sorely lacking in good time travel stories, and decent dinosaur ones, too,” lamented a half-drunk Crichton.

“Perhaps it is time for someone new to take up the torch?” suggested Wells.

“Perhaps, but what first? Dinosaurs or time travel; how do we…..”  Crichton began before he was cut off by a gruff voice from a shadowy corner.

“Why not both?”  A stout, balding man stood and approached.

“Ah, General Patton, didn’t see you back there.”  Wells looked up at the old war hero, then mused, “Both, hmmm. Now that sounds like a good idea.”

“Now to use our ghostly powers (all dead people have ghostly powers) and get some mortal to do our bidding.”

“Just make sure to add some Nazis. You always need some Nazis,” Patton added.


Enter Bryan Young and Operation Montauk.  This is a book that pulls you in instantly.  Young wastes no time in throwing one of his characters into mortal danger, and the book never lets up.  I’ll allow the author to fill you in a bit more than just dinosaurs, time travel, and Nazis (as if you need more reason to pick this book up and read it).

Operation: Montauk is a time-traveling science fiction novel patterned after the pulp-adventure stories of the 1920s and 1930s. Lost in time after a failed attempt to kill Hitler before his rise to power, World War II soldier Cpl. Jack Mallory finds himself stranded, his whole team killed, nearly 100 million years off course. Together with a group of other wayward time travelers, Mallory has to fight to survive in a hostile environment swarming with dinosaurs. Desperate to find a way home, the community of lost travelers searches for any solution that might send them all home and unlock the secret that shipwrecked them on the shores of time… But the jungle holds a secret from Mallory’s future-past…   …and it’s out to kill them all!


Now, the only reason you wouldn’t be reading this book right now is because it isn’t available yet.  Don’t worry, you can preorder here.

If you still need more reasons to check this one out I’ll give them to you.  Young does an incredible job of building a compelling narrative that sucks you in.  The action is fast paced and thrilling, and there is also dashes of humor, drama, and even a sprinkling of romance.  Every chapter leaves you yearning for what happens next, though the bastard of an author often makes you wait as he cleverly breaks up the story, telling it from the viewpoint of multiple characters.  Will the hero survive this current danger? Well, read this other chapter first and I’ll tell you later.  You aren’t given a chance to breathe because even when things cool down for one character there is a raging inferno of danger engulfing someone else.

I think the most refreshing thing about this book, though, is that it tells a great story with interesting characters without the need for twenty seven encyclopedic volumes of epic insanity.  I could hardly put my copy down, and if it had been longer I would have probably lost my job.  Read it as soon as you can; if you are not pleased with the results, then you simply have no soul or appreciation for the awesomeness that is DINOAURS, TIME TRAVEL, and MOTHER FREAKIN’ NAZIS!!!!

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