One geek's board game collection.

I’ve been asked a few times by various people quite recently what I’m playing, what I have and what I wish I had. So, I took some not-to-terrible photos of my collection using my phone’s camera. Here’s most of what I have (a few games are on loan). As for what I want? Well, everything else of course!  I’ve written up a very, very, very brief review/brain-dump on each game pictured that isn’t a kid game or Toys R Us game.

Click any picture to make it vastly larger.

Top Shelf

Talisman is the original Black Isle version, of which that one is review copy #50. There’s a long story behind that one, and 2nd edition which I had to give up. I don’t play this one, I just gaze lovingly at it.

Just got Race for the Galaxy yesterday and haven’t played it yet. I’m excited to try it out! I hear there’s a steep learning curve to this game. Bring it.

Quarriors is a whole lot of fun with my kids, who love fistfulls of dice.

Haven’t tried Battleship Galaxies yet, but itching too! It’s a review copy from Hasbro and looks like a rules-lite mini space combat simulation I can get behind.

The Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine is not a game, technically, but more of a piece of my own personal history. We couldn’t have stuff like that when I was growing up. So I have it now on the pretense that I have kids.

Cat’s Eye is a game my wife had growing up. We spotted it in a flea market and now it lives with us.

Middle Shelf

Loch Ness is a favorite of my family. Fun, relatively easy to play eurostyle game. Plus, cryptozoology. My youngest daughter doesn’t quite grasp the fullness of strategy needed to win at this game, yet she regularly wins by a combination of good luck and probable cheating.

Trollhalla is a great game from Alf Seegert! It’s like vikings. With trolls. Mean, nasty, conquering trolls.

Love the Ascensions. It was my wife’s gateway game to all the rest. I’m not a terribly big fan of the artwork but the game plays fast and furious. The newest expansion (I’m missing the middle one) is a bit better IMHO than the original, adding some new dimensions to the game. Fast and fun, especially with two players.

Just got Eminent Domain yesterday but I’ve heard so much about it. Already read the rules and ready to go! I cannot wait to try this game, especially after the guys at The Secret Cabal gushed mightily over it.

Small World is fun. Infuriating but fun. 🙂 I don’t get a chance to play this one much on the table, so I have the iPad version as well. Now I can yell incoherently on my commute home.

Zooloretto I haven’t had a chance to play yet. Same with Dixit and it’s expansion.

I have all of the FFG Talismans, which you can see here. Yes, it’s not the best game in the universe. Tough, I freaking love this game and you’ll never change my mind on that.

I have all the Dominions too. My wife’s 2nd gateway game. Also, got her entire family gaming with us. And, my 9 year old daughter can now official stomp me all over the dining room table with this game. Well, about 33% of the time. To some it may feel like playing solitaire with other people, but in my family and with most of my group, it’s just a fun time.

Thunderstone and Thunderstone Advance. Bought the first one, got the 2nd one as a review copy. Love them! Some people are frustrated by the ‘lets go shopping then kill stuff’ way the game plays. Me? I like it and enjoy the theme too. If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of deck building games. Thunderstone Advance is definitely more streamlined than the first iteration. Theme wise, this is one of my favorite games, next to Talisman.

Mini Master Mind on the top is my wife’s copy, which belonged to her parents circa 1972. It’s a code cracking game that I’ve never actually played.

That game on top of the Talismans is Survival of the Witless. Great game about being a professor and trying to gain tenure. Cutthroat!

Klunker didn’t show up in the pic, but it’s there. Cool, German gem trading game. Eurogame, but light enough to be quick and fun, potentially a party game.

Third Shelf

Just got King Me! My wife picked it out actually, looks like a fun game our kids will enjoy with us.

Pantheon and Ranking I have as review copies. I’ve only played one game of each and need to get another play in before I can properly review. Eurogames with decent mechanics behind both. Ranking is the faster, simpler of the two. Pantheon is… very full of meeples and stuff.

Burn in Hell is a fun, trick taking game. Lots of people dislike it. My wife loves it so I play it quite a bit. I lose a lot.

Family Business was bought on a whim at our FLGS – haven’t opened it yet but we’ll get to it soon.

Forbidden Island – bought for my 9 year old, but she’s obsessed with Dominion so… we’ll get to it!

Quest of the Round Table is a Gamewright games thing. It’s an arthurian take on cards, where you beat up monsters. I have 2 copies because I like combining decks. Fun, but not terribly strategic.

Blood Bowl Team Manager. I really want to play this. I yearn to play this! Playing it this Friday!

Greed Quest – a Steve Jacksonish dungeon delving game. Fun, but light with some rules strangeness.

Bohnanza – trading beans. So much more fun than it sounds. Fairly light, Eurocard style game that can cause much yelling.

Eaten By Zombies – deck building game of the zombie apocalypse. I like it, but haven’t played it enough to really get a good feel for it yet. The rules aren’t terribly confusing, but how they are presented in the rule book seems to be slightly off.

All the Carcassonnes. If it wasn’t for this game, I wouldn’t know how to spell Carcassonne! Also, a ton of fun. I have it on my phone now too, so I don’t break out the box all that often anymore.

Cutthroat Caverns and the Relics and Ruin expansions. You’ve delved to the bottom of the dungeon, got the fabulous bauble, now you’ve got to make it back up! Can you survive 9 encounters where your friends try to take you out as much as your enemies? It’s like Munchkin, but for grownups.

Elfenland we got for the 6 and 9 year old yesterday. haven’t played it yet but we’re looking forward to it. It looks eurogame style with a really nicely done board.

Enchanted Forest. My 6 year old’s hands down most favorite game. Memory game meets dice rolling meets cutthroat tactics. She wins a lot too.

Chronology – set up a timeline with 10 cards. Start with 1 and put the rest in chronological order. As a history major, I win a lot and piss off my family, so we don’t play this much any more. Good party game.

Oz Fluxx – my wife got this. She loves her some Oz. I don’t mind fluxx, and if it draws her even further into the sickness hobby that is table top gaming, so be it. I also have regular and zombie flavors of Fluxx.

Bang! – just bought it! Heard a lot about it, can’t wait to try it.

Poo! – party card game with poo flinging monkeys. Strangely, my wife loves this but hated changing diapers. Go figure.

Zombie Dice – like the apocalypse, but more contained. Fun, quick, waiting-in-line game.

Monopoly Deal – picked it up for $4 at xmas, have not tried it yet, but heard great things.

Gracias is on top of Family Business. Looks like a Bohnanza style game that I have not gotten around to yet.

Kids Shelves

Tons of Gamewright Games. Love those folks!

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