A Troll In the Corner Podcast? Would You Listen?

There’s a gazillion podcasts out there covering everything from the music of Macross to This Week in Tech, This American Life on to The Married Man Podcast. Listeners are bombarded with innumerable choices, but perhaps there is room for one more?

I run a gaming podcast, Wargaming Recon, releasing new episodes every other week. Being a podcaster since 2006 has taught me that when people find something they like, they’re willing to stick with it and to try out related content. In other words, if you like what TrollITC has on the blog you may thoroughly enjoy a podcast discussing the same type of content found on the blog.

The million dollar question is, would YOU listen to such a show? Something that released weekly, or bi-weekly, lasting say 30-60 minutes in length. Perhaps you’d like it to be shorter, maybe clocking in at 15-20 minutes?

Your input is desired because I’ve been mulling over the possibility of such a show. I know that Ben, and the gang, are open to new ideas in the hope of seeing if the the spaghetti sticks to the wall. I’m not saying that we will end up creating a show. If interest is sufficiently strong you can bet that I’ll see what can be done.

5 thoughts on “A Troll In the Corner Podcast? Would You Listen?

Add yours

  1. When I listen to podcasts I prefer ones that max out at 30 minutes. I devote my entire attention to the show that I’m listening to, which means I don’t get other things done. Others like podcasts as a bit of white noise while they do other things.

    One of the hurdles with a 30 minute show, and why my own show is 60 minutes max, is the hour duration allows for more discussion and depth of discussion. It is possible to release a quality show of less than 60 minutes. The SModcast network has a bunch of fantastic shows. But, they’re mostly 1-2 hours in length….a bit long for me.

    So far it looks like there is definite interest in a TrollITC podcast. Please keep the comments coming!


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