The Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle update – $200+ of great stuff for $25

Mark your calendars for Friday, May 4th. That’s when The Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Pack will be available for sale! We already have over $200 worth of product included, which will sell for $25.  At the moment you’ll be getting 88% off the total cost of everything in the bundle, but it will get better.  We’re still accepting product to include, and will be doing so until April 30th (if you want to help us out and donate something, get in touch) and I fully expect to add more over the next 10 days.

Who’s in so far? Here’s a list of publishers and authors who are taking part as of right now:

There are 43 different products available which cover Dungeons & Dragons 4e, Pathfinder/OGL, G-Core, FATE, ICONS, Traveller, many complete indie RPG games, print and play board games and original works of fiction. It looks like we’ll have some original artwork to include as well and perhaps a few other surprises if I can work them out.

We’ve gotten that fancy new logo you see above, courtesy of Jeremy who’s work you should certainly check out! Interested in seeing what titles are included? Read on!


Publisher Product
Troll in the Corner Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!)
Devious NPCs and Curious Creatures
Mirkmoot’s More Magical Mayhem for Creatures…
Mirkmoot’s Magical Accouterments for Creatures…
World of Aruneus – Orcs!  A new player character race
World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies
World of Aruneus – Herbology
Argyle & Crew
The Little Book of Big Ideas
Breakdown in Pervert Park – exclusive fiction
Imperfekt Gammes Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game
Dilly Green Bean Games G-Core
Robert Bohl Games Misspent Youth
Naked Hobo Productions (G. Buettner) Mistrunner Core Rulebook
Buried Without Ceremony Perfect Unrevised
Wicked North Games Azamar
Melior Via Hope Prep #0: Orientation
NDP Design Annalise
Gypsy Knight Games Quick Worlds 17: Tal’Kalares
Quick Worlds 18: Era
Quick Worlds 22: Minerva
Quick Worlds 23: Ararat
Soultaker Studios Adversairies: The Triad
Evil Hat Productions Spirit of the Season
Chaotic Shiny Productions Arcane Flavor
Back That Elf Up Thieves at Heart
Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions Dynamo RPG
Pale Queen’s Sorrow
Brent P Newhall’s Musaeum Dark Sun Adventure: The Dark Festival
Stronghold Adventure 1: Goblins of Summerkeep
Stronghold Adventure 2: The Hobgoblins of Ravensport
War in the Deep
City of Talon
Jon Brazer Enterprises Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 [PFRPG]
Riyal’s Research: Traps (PFRPG)
Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 (Legend/RuneQuest)
Ally Nauss Social Observance
Quinn Conklin Falcon Academy (exclusive)
FableForge Enter the Shadowside
Secret Fire Games The Secret Fire
Open Design/Kobold quartly Kobold Quarterly #17
Purple Duck Games Random Encounters Remastered
Purple Mountain I: Temple of the Locust Lord

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