Dungeon Command

Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

So I got the chance to play the new D&D tactical minis game that is coming out in July, and I have to say that I was smitten by it.  Wizards of the Coast has done an amazing job on this product.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Dungeon Command is a tactical miniatures game pitting rival warbands against each other.  The first two sets will be released July 17, 2012.  You get your choice between the Heart of Cormyr (good guys) and the Sting of Lloth (bad guys).

So, what’s in the box?  WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!  You get 12 well sculpted and pre-painted minis.  I got a great look at the Sting of Lloth box, plenty of Drow, a Drider, Giant Spiders, and even an Umberhulk.  You also get of dungeon tiles and two stacks of cards one for Orders, the other are Stat cards for your creatures.  The game is designed so you can compete with your single warband of 12 against an opponents warband.  There are optional rules for using a single Dungeon Command box to play 2 player, but I think it works best when 2 starter boxes are used.

As far as a tactical minis game goes, it does quite well.  Each side has a hero with a special ability.  The hero also has a Morale score and a Leadership.  Morale is important, because if it drops to zero, you lose.  Leadership determines how many and which creatures you can have on the map.  Every creature can move and attack as actions, but you also have Order cards, special abilities and attacks that you can play.  I think the play was well balanced, quick, and most importantly, fun.  This is a great strategy game, how you position your forces and which Orders you use are extremely important.  There are no dice in this game, so the only luck is which cards you draw from your Order deck.

Now, as much as I love miniatures and games involving miniatures, I have reached a point where a game needs to do more than just serve a single purpose.  Dungeon Command excels here.  You can play the Dungeon Command game just fine, but the minis also easily slide over for use in your tabletop RPG.  If that isn’t enough, each figure comes with a stat card so it can be used with all of the D&D board games, Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, and Legend of Drizz’t.  While not a definite yet, there is also a possibility that Wizards will release cards so these minis can be used with the old D&D minis game too.

Ok, let’s roll that d20 and see what we get.

Components:  5

You get 12 well made miniatures, several heavy duty map tiles, and a heap of Stat and Order cards.  They really pack some great stuff into this box, and it all has multiple uses.

Rules:  3

The game is somewhat easy to learn, though a few things could be explained better.  We are pretty sure we may have played a bit wrong, so this score is kinda up in the air.

Replay:  5

This scores really high because of the multi-use of the miniatures.  Taken just as a single game, it would score a bit lower because how many times can you kill Dro and still be happy about it.  Never mind, I take that last bit back.

Cost:  5

With an MSRP of $40 this game is a must buy I think.  The quality of the components along with how much use you can get out them makes it a no brainer for a gamer like me.

I plan on buying these sets the day they are released.  I have so many plans for them outside of the game itself (yes players of mine, you’ll be delving into the Underdark).  Game on my friends, game on.




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