Novella Review : My Sanctuary

Sarah-Jane Lehoux is the author of one of my favourite series of fantasy books so when I heard she had a YA novella being released I was excited to say the least.

My Sanctuary, however, is not fantasy; it’s a heart-rending depiction of life for unwanted children living in a fictional 1960s orphanage, St Jerome’s. Dot, the young orphan girl who narrates the story, is believable in her matter-of-fact resigned acceptance of the situation coupled with yearning dreams of a better life in her future.

This novella is very different from Sarah-Jane’s fantasy novels, even so her writing ability shines through yet again in creating believable characters and settings that evoke grief, despair, hope and anger. While the subject matter could be termed ‘uncomfortable’ it is also thought-provoking and honest in its depiction. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, I hope you do too.

sarah-jane lehouxMy Sanctuary will be released by Vagabondage Press in May 2012.

The Author

Sarah-Jane resides in Southern Ontario with her husband, and her ever growing horde of Machiavellian cats. For more information, please visit



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