Cute School Girls and Lovecraftian Horror, the Perfect Mix

Image courtesy of Fun to 11

Throughout history there are those combinations that just simply work so well together you wonder why it took so long, wine and cheese, bread and butter, and now, Cthulhu and school girls.  This game is part of an ever growing family of successful Kickstarter projects.  I was too late to throw in my support, but I gladly picked one up at my store when it became available through distribution.

This is a deckbuilding game that pits the players as innocent school girls against a sinister faculty.  The goal is to be the last one standing, the last with any sanity that is.  How long you keep that last shred of mental stability after the game is another matter entirely.  The rules are fairly simple, and there is a high element of luck involved, higher than usual for a deckbuilder.  A difference from other deckbuilders is also the level of impact you can have on other players.  I liked that aspect a lot.  There are too many games of Dominion and the like where it is each player doing their own thing and the only time you interact with the others is the final scoring round.

I will admit, it was the theme that attracted me right away, the Lovecraft part you sickos, not the school girls.  I will tend to drop cash on just about anything based on Lovecraft and his works, which doesn’t always lead to good things.  Despite a few hiccups in the play of the game I will say that the game is beautifully made, and not just for a Kickstarter game, but for a game in general.  The art is wonderful, and I think it suits both the style and the feel of the game wonderfully.

I also want to give high praise for the way the game is packaged.  The makers did some research that I think is really going to pay off.  The box is big and has nice trays for storage of the cards and other components.  This is a big deal to me as a game retailer as it helps sell the game.  People want to think they are getting a lot for their money, and packaging helps in that.

Ok, enough talk, let’s roll the die.


Components: 5

They did a superb job here.  The quality of everything is top notch, and the art is just perfect for the game.  Having a great package with appropriate storage is a huge plus.

Rules: 3

Learning to play is easy enough, but some may find issue with the high random element to the game.  A bad draw or two can severely destroy your odds of doing well.  If you don’t mind lots of luck in your games, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Replay: 3

There just aren’t a ton of cards so you will quickly see some patterns develop.  I do hope that this game does well and we see an expansion or two as I think that would boost the replay factor a lot.  It is still fun, but I don’t know how often it is gonna hit the table after the first half dozen plays.

Cost: 4

The game is priced exactly where it should be as far a deckbuilder goes, but the lack of replay and variety of cards brings it down slightly.

So we get a 15, a nice solid score.  Those that really love everything Lovecraft, this should be part of your stable.  If you are looking for more of a strategic deckbuilder, this may not be your game.  I love it, despite some of the issues, and I am sure that it will find plenty of fans out there.

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  1. We’ve been watching this since the Kickstarter project was live and we just got our copy in the mail last week. Been too busy to play but the artwork and packaging are incredible – can’t wait!


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