Suddenly… PAX East!

I wasn’t planning on attending PAX East this year, honest. But sometimes things happen and you just have to suck it up and go to a huge gaming convention.

It was Thursday evening that I got a surprise email from one of the Dead Gentlemen, a tale of woe and loss in and around the Boston area. Where there were supposed to be two to man a booth at PAX East, there was now only one.  They offered a pass for Saturday in exchange for working the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment booth. I happily accepted, and with the help of my saint-like wife, rearranged my schedule to be there.  I stopped in at the booth right at 10am, walked around PAX East with Scott for a while, and then became the worlds worst “booth babe” from 1 to 4pm.

It was quite an experience! I handed out hundreds of little cardboard bits with ZOE’s website and shows printed on them.  Much cooler than that though, I got to hang out with Clancy Bundy & Jade Warpenburg who’s web series Transolar Galactica is now under the ZOE banner.  They were cool guys, and the show is funny, biting, sci-fi madness at its best. I did spend a bit of my time covertly watching the first hour of Transolar Galactica while at the booth – you should certainly check it out!

After my stint at the ZOE booth, it was off to meet up with some of my tabletop friends, and play a couple of rounds of Cutthroat Caverns, one of my favorite backstabby type games. Then it was back home.

I ran into a bunch of folks I hadn’t met in person, which was fun and I ran into a bunch of folks I’ve come to know from the local convention scene, which was also fun! I got a chance to talk with the creator of the  Miskatonic School for Girls game for a bit which was great! I also talked the folks at the newly formed Game Salute, folks who have an interesting new model for board game development.

All in all it was a great time! If I didn’t catch you this time, look for me next year (I’m thinking of getting an indie booth of some sort).

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