Conclave : first impressions from a n00b

This was written as I played, just tidied it up a little otherwise as is. 

Easy to get started, guidance notes plus recommendations for type of character needed. You should probably have some idea of characters and classes but possibly OK if you don’t.

Faced with a map screen, two other characters already there plus two menacing-looking wolves across the clearing. Waiting to see if any suggests what I do as I don’t want to mess up anyone’s game play.

Bottom left is the chat box, I just said hi and where I was from – and that I had never played a table top RPG before. Hope that don’t scare everyone off.

Oh, I got a welcome 🙂

Obvious first question from me – how do we play?

Really helpful players, talking me through what I have to do and actions I can take.

Finally remembered it’s turn based play – so I make two moves and then another player does. Also, great that not time based so I can get called away and not feel too guilty.

Slowly getting the hang of it – the wolves have now made their move so it’s round two.

Very very nice players helping me along.

Part of the reason for building was to allow those with families to be able to play without being tied down plus distance – ability to play with friends.

I made an attack and wounded a wolf!

I defeated him – yay!

Oh this could be fun – and distracting, best not start a game while I am working.

Completed one task, now it’s decision time. I click ‘onward’ and the choices pop up on the screen. Voting boxes underneath. Each player gets a vote. The other players guided me through what the choices might entail.

Box on the bottom right has the moves/choices in it. Can skip through moves or go through one at a time.

Learning about flanking manoeuvres now.

Clicking on an ally will bring up info about them, there is not so much information available about your enemies.

At the end of a quest you get an email updating you on your stats etc. Also receive an email when you start a new quest.

So there it is, my very first table-top style in browser RPG game. There’s lots more to learn but once you have the basics it makes for an entertaining game. I will certainly be playing again. Many thanks to the other two players for their patience. 


Conclave – here’s what the developers had to say. 

You can guess that’s it’s tricky to come up with a snappy video that shows
off a turn-based game like ours, but we did our best.  You can see it, and the
game itself, on the front page of our site:

Or you can download the video here:

*image sourced from their Google+ page

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