Review : Demons of Oblivion series (books 1-3)

I recently wrote about the third book in this series and did an interview with Skyla Dawn Cameron, the author. Seeing as I realised I hadn’t actually reviewed the books on here I though I would correct my oversight.

So, let’s start from the very beginning as I have heard it’s a very good place to start …

Now, I don’t like to spoil books for future readers so there’s no need to worry.  I just want to give you an idea of how I feel about them.

Bloodlines (book one) introduces us to Zara Lain, a sassy vampire assassin. I am so disappointed in myself as I wrote a great review for this when Ms Cameron re-wrote and added to her original novel  before  re-released it last year – and now I can’t find it. The only remnant I have is this.

This is a newly revamped (giggle, yeah I made a pun) edition with extra scenes, more description and a feast of sassiness from the yummily bloodthirsty Zara. The original certainly didn’t feel ‘lacking’ in any way but this new version is like biting into a regular cupcake and finding an unexpected centre of caramelly-chocolate…If I ever got turned I want to be Zara when I wake up.


Anyways, Bloodlines was told from Zara’s point of view but the second book, Hunter, was narrated by a totally different character – Ryann David, the demon hunting nun.

In Hunter I found myself completely turned around. From championing Zara in the first book, in this one I found myself wanting her staked and beheaded which I think shows the talents of Ms Cameron’s wordsmithing.  Of course, things are never as they seem so be prepared for conflicting emotions as well as psychic shenanigans and surprising betrayals.

And now on to Lineage, book three and just released.

Told by Peri Takata, a quarter demon with a hunger for annihilating vengeance followed by  a suicide dessert, this could be one of the most uncomfortable characters a reader may ever meet.  Yet, through Ms Cameron’s skilful words you do find a modicum of empathy for this very angry & damaged woman.  Zara and Ryann naturally get involved, with death and demon possession quickly chasing them through the tale.

This being the third in the series, readers discover more of the over-arching story that will encompass the complete series. By using different characters to narrate each book Ms Cameron brings a fresh perspective, making the reading experience more exciting.  I found it interesting how I reacted to each one depending on the narrator; I feel I get a more well-rounded view of the main characters as you see their motives and actions in different lights.

The fourth book, Exhumed, is tentatively due out in July – I suggest that, if you like a good tale filled with demons, nuns, blood, betrayal and sassy vampires that never sparkle, you get hold of the first three before then.

Download or get the dead-tree version from Mundania Press. Also available on Amazon, and if your local bookstore hasn’t got them then I suggest you point out their obvious error.

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