Total Confusion XXVI – if you're going to be there, come say hello!

It’s late February and another Total Confusion is almost upon us! I am once again attending as an industry guest, although I admit I’ll be spending as much time as possible playing, hanging out and generally connecting with people who love gaming just as much as I do.

I have to say that last year was the most fun I’ve had at a convention in years. TotalCon is big enough to always find something to do or someone to chat with, yet small enough that you’re constantly bumping into friends and acquaintances and don’t feel crowd fatigue (PAX East, I’m looking at you).

Last year I ran several Pathfinder games of Aruneus, did the Talisman thing and also participated in a bunch of great games and panels. This year I’ll be doing a bit with some sock puppets and Talisman (details below) and I’ll also be covering the convention for the site. Expect a full report next week!

If you’re looking for me there, well this is what I look like as of this morning.

You can expect a little bit more ‘dark circle’ under the eye, and a slight bit more of ‘burning with the light of a thousand RPGs’ in the eyes themselves.

If you’re going to be there, please feel free to come on over and chat for a bit. If you’re interested in meeting up, I’m always game for a good breakfast/lunch/dinner/beer/pick up game/dangling from the inside balcony over the player tables by our hands. Just hit me up on Twitter, or Google+ or email me!

Now – my tentative schedule for the convention.


Arrive somewhere between 1pm and 4pm, hang out, grab some dinner, find some people.

7pm – Cube of Death!

11pm – Win Cube of Death! – go to bed.


8am – 10am – breakfast, check out the vendor rooms, stroll about looking pleased with myself.

10am – 12pm – Argyle & Crew event for young players. We’ll be making Soppets and conducting a scavenger hunt! This event is currently full, but stop by and if I have any extra socks you may be able to join in the fun.

12pm – 9pm – a few meals, playing in various games, looking to do a few pick up games.

9pm – 11pm – Talisman! I’m ‘running’ a session of my favorite board game.  This event is full.

11pm(ish) to early in the morning – Drinking Woodchuck with friends.


10am – Gaming

12pm – 1pm hanging around a bit and then off to pick up my daughters!

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