School Daze – gaming your way through high school

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time, you should be familiar with Tracy, or Rolling20s. RPG reviewer, convention goer, interviewer and all around good guy to game with.

Now, Tracy’s been able to add another feather to his cap, and he’s officially an RPG author! His first project, School Daze is currently being play tested and has a fantastic Kickstarter going on to pre-order the game. School Daze looks fantastic, as do the reasons Tracy has to kickstart this. He’s got a fantastic trio of layout design guru Daniel Solis, the excellent artist Brian Patterson and editor of all things amazing, Liz Bauman. The four of them will certainly create a fantastic product.

In his new role as game creator, Tracy’s found himself on the other side of an interview, and landed on the excellent podcast Nearly Enough Dice.  As an aside, I love a good podcast and I’ve recently become addicted to NED. If you don’t go for the gaming discussion, go for the lilting Scottish accents.

Here’s more about School Daze from Tracy:

High school is a time that everyone remembers. We see it everywhere: in movies, and books, and music. But what we see there isn’t real high school, and neither is School Daze. School Daze uses high school as a vehicle to tell fun stories. Stories like you’d see in Saved by the BellBuffy, the Vampire SlayerThe Breakfast Club, or Brick. School Daze is high school, but it’s high school the way you want it.

School Daze is designed for groups of 3-6 people, but could be played with as few as two, or as many as you might be crazy enough to get together. One person acts as the Administrator, facilitating the action, and making sure that everyone gets time in the spotlight. Group Projects provide a loose framework within which the group can tell their own characters’ stories. Each player is empowered to add to not only the narrative, but the setting. Trowbridge High is left with little description on purpose: make up NPCs, plot devices, and make it your own!

I’ve already put my money where my mouth is and backed this project. You should too! $10 gets you a PDF of the game and the backer rewards just get better from there.

For more background information about School Daze, check out Tracy’s site Sand and Steam. Also, spend a minute forty five on the video below.

3 thoughts on “School Daze – gaming your way through high school

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  1. Check out this blog…

    ….righthand side of the screen for a free PDF of “School Daze – The Game of Unbelievable Adventure!”

    Also found at Lulu for purchase in the “D6 Design Contest 2009” book.

    Though this one is aimed at more elementary school aged kids.



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