Troll in the Corner partnering with Deniath to bring you some amazing geek themed deals

I’m very excited to announce that Troll in the Corner will be partnering with Deniath  to bring our readers all kinds of great deals on games and geek collectibles.

Deniath features private sales on all things that appeal to folks like you and me. Board games, art, collectibles, toys – just about anything if it’s got a geek interest built into it. Their mission is “To invigorate the lives of our members by feeding their geek obsessions and helping them discover new ones”.

They are an invite only site which features private sales that are always good deals.  I’ve personally used them long before we began to talk of this partnership and have nothing but good things to say about them.  How does it work? In their own words:

We offer invitation-only access to exclusive, 72-hour deals just for those who share the love and passion for all things geek. Whether you geek out on toys, board games, comics, art, movies, or other pop-culture collectibles, we know there are more products and services out there that you would love. Daily deal and flash sale sites have flooded many inboxes over the last couple years. For nerds and geeks in particular, there are seldom deals that particularly relate to their interests. Instead of fashion, décor, luxury travel, and spa deals, Deniath wants to fill every geek’s inbox with deals on toys, games, gadgets, art, and pop-culture collectibles!

Membership can only be had by requesting an invite code, or by being invited directly by a current member. Until now that is….

Through our partnership, we have a limited time membership promotion as well!  Simply email the Deniath folks at and include “Troll in the Corner” in the subject line.  Do that and Deniath will send you an invite code almost immediately. Take advantage of this now, because this promotion only runs until February 29th!

What this means for you, our readers

From time to time we’ll be featuring exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming Deniath sales. Get your Deniath membership set up now and you’ll be able to take advantage of these sneak peeks! You’ll be able to see some specific details about forthcoming sales. Details that aren’t normally released until the sale itself starts. We’ll feature our first sneak peek in the very near future!

Even better, invite your friends and family to join as well. When someone you’ve invited to Deniath has their first order shipped, you get a $10 credit towards your next purchase.

We’ll also be offering invite promotions like the one we’re running right now – near instant access to the Deniath community and sales, without have to wait for your invitation request to be fulfilled!

But wait, there’s more

We’ve got some other very cool ideas in the pipeline as well. Keep your eyes on Troll in the Corner for more!

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