TrollTips 5: A cheap and dirty way to transport your minis.

Proprietary cases are a great way to give your minis the love that they deserve, but they can overkill tabletop RPGs. Here’s a quick and dirty way to keep them safe, while keeping your budget under $10

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  1. Love the video. Actually, I love almost all of your videos. High production quality, great content, good length. I can def see this working for RPGs. As a wargamer I got excited by your title in the hopes of being able to use this method for wargaming. But, it looks like it may not scale without a crazy increase in necessary storage space/money.

    For example, I’m a historical wargamer and play games using the Black Powder rules. The average BP wargamer might have 36 bases (20 or 25mm) with 4 models on them plus artillery pieces (and crew on separate bases) and cavalry (say 2 guys per 40mm rectangular base with say 10-20 bases) for their army. In order to fit all that it would be tricky without using much larger plastic containers (BTW, love the snapware). That is doable to be sure but when using those larger containers they need something to go in since they don’t have handles etc. It would be difficult to fit all of that into a backpack, messenger bag, etc. If the player has to bring forces for both sides then the problem is doubled.

    I know your tip is not intended for wargamers. The idea is fantastic for those playing games, which use very few models. I could see it being of use for people playing GW’s Inquisitor (out of print miniatures game meets RPG that uses 40mm+ scale models set in the Warhammer 40k world).

    Any tips for economical mini transport for wargamers?

    Please keep up the vid format. I’m loving it and you definitely have me wishing I knew how to do the same. Video podcast would be a fun treat sometime for my listeners.


  2. Thanks for the reply Jonathan. This tip was brought up by one of my players (thanks Katie!); we’ll put our heads together to see what we can think of for moving larger quantities of figures around.


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