Review Quest: The Reckoning: Drinking Quest

Image courtesy of the Drinking Quest website.

Holy fortuitous product shots Batman! When I first saw images of Drinking Queston their website, I imagined a much larger product than what was gently tucked into my mailbox when I received it. What I found was a box about the size of twoiPhones stacked on top of one another. Opening it I found it contained three green six sided dice, a small notepad of character sheets, a deck of cards and a single sheet of rules (printed on both sides). Quite a lot packed into a tiny package.

The cards are printed with the Drinking Quest logo on one side in color and black and white illustrations on the other. They have great titles at the top of each card like “Big Dumb Ogre”, “Headbutt to Groin” and “Cool Quest Bro”. The illustrations are simple but humorous. It’s not every day you see a picture of an Orc fist fighting with a shark. The deck contains cards for heroes and special abilities, a card that serves as a weapon and armor list for shopping, a “cheat sheet” card, quest summary cards and then quest cards which serve as encounters on the quest. All the cards have the same basic white background with their card type printed on them. I assume you are meant to sort them out before drinking, because it could get difficult later on in the night. Maybe future iterations will color code the back of the different card types to make them easier to differentiate between one another.

The concept for your questing in Drinking Quest is four heroes come from a town renown for it’s ale and an annual tradition of a drinking quest, a religious holiday blessed by the three Drinking Gods. There isn’t much lore you need to know besides that. Everything else is explained on the cards as you quest. There are four quests included in the set which can be played in a single session if you are a binge drinker or spaced out over several sessions, campaign like, if you are a total alcoholic. Game play is simple. You can shop at the shop on your turn if you choose, then you draw a card and deal with the encounter it provides. The other players act as the enemies if you get into a fight and combat is exceedingly simple. It’s good that combat is simple, as one of them ways you can save your hero from death is chugging your drink. If the character ends up in a situation calling for a saving throw, you roll all three dice and compare it to your saving throw score. If it’s equal or less you pass. Simple as that.

If I have any complaints about drinking quest, it’s the aforementioned similar looking cards that can make sorting inconvenient and that there are only four quests. I can see some replay value in the game but after a while it could get stale. I hope that the game sells so we can see some expansions for additional quests. These minor complaints aside, there is a lot of value in this tiny box for the price they are asking.

This game appeals to my love of tabletop games, nerd culture, and my rampant alcoholism. I’ve played drinking games with more complex rules that had no substance to them whatsoever. So that’s where we are at here kids. You can sit through another boring night playing Asshole (or whatever variant of the name you call it) with your friends, trying not to be the last person to put their thumb on the table and getting told to chug, or you can call upon the power of the Drinking Gods by slamming back a pint of “Bellow Ale” in hopes you can defeat that Big Dumb Ogre on your next turn. You can dent up your dining room table trying to bounce currency into a highball glass, or you can take on a Bro-Goblin at Frisbee and hope you don’t literally die of embarrassment (which hits for 3HP). You can drink all night and just earn yourself a hangover, or you can earn some XP.

I think the choice is obvious. The game is $25 from Booze not included.

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  1. i got a chance to experience this game with the creators in our local comic shop a few weeks back. the game is incredibly fun and easy to learn, most fun i’ve had drinkin in some time. if you like to quest…and you like to drink, i highly recommend buying the game, just watchout for that bastard shark when it comes back in quest 4.


  2. Great review. Think I need to pick up a copy. Can think of a few friends who’d love to play this. I spread the word on my feeds, think I’ll have to talk this up on my podcast.


  3. Bought my copy as soon as I could and have played a couple great games. A lot of fun and great for upping your tolerance and chugging abilities!


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