Total Confusion XXVI and my further adventures in gaming

Total Confusion

Last year the folks at Total Confusion were incredibly nice to me and invited me to attend their convention as an industry guest. I neglected to tell them that I had snuck into the industry when someone left the back door ajar and was currently running amok through the basement level of self publishing and PDFs.

I participated in a few sessions, did the official TotalCon podcast with Blix, ran a couple of games and generally enjoyed the hell out of myself and the convention while gaming all weekend. It was a purely joyful experience and everyone involved in running TotalCon were amazing.

This year I’ve managed to sneak back in as an industry guest! My bio is a bit outdated and I won’t be running any formal Aruneus sessions this year, but I will be doing a few fun things. I am running two hours of Argyle & Crew for the young players at the convention. That’s happening on Saturday. Later that evening, I’ll be running a Talisman game, in which my wife will once again attempt to kick our collective gaming asses, as she seems to do every time.

If you’re in New England, or near enough, I’d highly suggest you stop in. TotalCon runs from February 23rd through the 26th, and with about 1000 attendees it’s the perfect mix of not to big but big enough. Last year I met a ton of cool people, tried a ton of new games and generally had an amazing time of it. I’d like to meet more folks, have more cool discussions and games and have set aside more time this year to actually play.

Other Gaming Stuff

In other gaming happenings for me, I’m finally making strides with both Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places and Aruneus again. It’s great to have even limited use of my left arm back. Limited still encompasses typing, which is all I really need to move forward.

I’m also working on a new Argyle & Crew project which I hope to share more of in the near future. The chances of me getting it done before TotalCon are pretty damned low, but I’d like to have it out early this spring.

I’ve also found myself getting more and more into board games. My wife has been slow to convert, but the board game fever is starting to take hold with her, which means we have very little self control when we wander into our FLGS. Not really a bad thing, I think. You can expect to see a few more board/card game reviews from me in the future as we start playing through our unopened library.


2 thoughts on “Total Confusion XXVI and my further adventures in gaming

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  1. If you look as far away as possible from “morning person” you should find me. Even so, I was disappointed that your Argyle & Crew game is in the morning and is for the kids. I’d love to get a game in sometime.

    I know I’ll plug it next week but if I could also plug, since we’re talking TotalCon, the game I’m running that’d be awesome.

    On Saturday at 3pm I, and two friends…well Adrian is running but my name is on the paperwork and Cort made all the terrain and has the models. Oh where was I? That’s right. At 3pm on Saturday (of the Con) I am running Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek. This is a miniatures game that uses the new(ish) Black Powder rules. The game is an American Civil War game using 15mm toy soldiers and it will last up to 4 hours (certainly less if the players roll well and do a great job of killing their opponents troops).

    It is a lot of fun and intended for those of teen age and above. The rules are easy to learn, very forgiving, and very friendly.

    Hope to see people at the con!


  2. I’ll have plenty of socks on hand.

    Get it?

    I’m so much looking forward to TotalCon! It will be nice to actually say hello as well. I’m coordinating with my wife as to what we’re each doing on Saturday so I don’t know what I’m playing at 3pm but maybe I’ll stop by Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek.


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