An Overdue Introduction

Hello everyone. I think it’s about time I introduced myself, since it’s been three months since my last post here on Troll.

Considering the next move in a lengthy game of 'Tension Tower', as the game box called it.

My name’s Benedict, used in full to be less confusing with Mr. Troll himself, Ben Gerber.

I’ve been a tabletop roleplayer now for twelve or thirteen years, since the days of school lunch breaks playing D&D, not too long before news of 3rd Edition surfaced. I fondly remember the arguments over the proper pronunciation of ‘paladin’, and being far too lenient on the players because I hadn’t worked out how to scale power levels, and the overuse of owlbears that our group seemed to encourage.

I tried to branch out early, but couldn’t get my head around the mechanics of Alternity so soon after embracing D&D, and that remained more or less the same for years, with a handful of unused books sat on my shelves good only for generating storylines and hooks.

Once I reached university, I met a much larger and more diverse group of players, finally playing classics like Vampire: The Masquerade and Legend of the Five Rings. I also managed to run the roleplaying and wargaming society for a year, though I don’t know how successful I made it. It still exists, so I can’t have ruined it.

I’ve been excited enough by the chatter of the worldwide roleplaying community on Google+ to actually try and make a name for myself with some chatter of my own. I’ve got two of my own ongoing blogs, the Kingsmead Chronicler detailing an ongoing development of a fantasy setting (mostly in the 4E rules set, back to being regularly updated in the next couple of weeks I promise!), and Loca Imaginaria, which I use to explore various ideas and talk about what happens in any of the various games that I play in. I’m on a big FATE kick at the moment, so expect that to come out in what you see there.

Here on Troll, I’m going to try and focus on GM tips, reviews of new products, throwback reviews of classic products and maybe dropping the occasional list of things I’ve been getting my nose into. For now at least, it could all change.

I’ve got some big plans for 2012, and regularly updating you on my view of the gaming community is probably going to come into that. Talking from the British angle and view of events, I hope I can convey something different to my American compatriots. I’m going to be working on various projects throughout the year, and try and throw some of my workings towards you for what the academics would call ‘peer review’, as well as to give my two cents on what I see going on in the industry  and where I’d like to see it going (I promise no D&DNext viewpoints for the next month at least!)

And that’s me. Find me on Google+ or talk to me in comments here.

Author’s Note: I’ve still yet to play Alternity, despite finally understanding it, and buying several other books for it in a charity shop a few years ago, but I’ve got big plans for the year ahead. I’ve still got untouched books on the shelf that need some life breathed into them. I’m looking forward to doing that real soon, and hope you’ll all enjoy anything that pops out.

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