Ultimate glory: destination or journey?

Smile on 3! 1... 2...

As a DM returning to the table from a long absence I’d have to say it’s both. The journey is its own self-same reward, but there’s a lot to be said for the accolades and loot you find at the end of the road. Striking that balance can be hard, but it’s satisfying when you do.

I’m Graham, an old hat in tabletop but new to Troll in the Corner, and I’m all about finding that balance. As a DM I run a table bi-weekly for The Møtlëy Créw, the baddest bunch of heroes to ever toss dice in the Nentir Vale. I’m a platform-agnostic kinda guy, so I’m just as happy to throw down with 4e, Pathfinder, and any other system wherein you’d care to roll the bones. Combat is important, but RP is rewarded at my table.
I’m a writer by trade; over the past five years I co-created, wrote and edited 25 issues of Cellshop magazine, and released my first novel entitled 1666 (it’s historical fiction centering on the Great Fire of London in that year – available on Amazon!). I’m the head writer for the Canadian television show Get Connected, I blog at technogram.ca along with a few other sites, and I’m thrilled to be penning a column for Troll in the Corner called

Fiat Lux.

Fiat Lux will shed some light on gaming concepts, products, and projects; some that you might be familiar with, and some that are brand new to the scene. I’ll be covering popular systems, minis and mini painting, and boxed RPG games
It’ll be a fun journey and destination all wrapped up in one, so I hope you’ll check it out!

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