Here’s Jonathan

Unflattering picture of me wearing the HuzzahCon 2011 t-shirt

You may be scratching your head and saying to yourself “not another new guy!” Hopefully you’re instead asking yourself, with eager anticipation, who is this Jonathan person? Maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to unleash 20 questions for me to answer.

To save the awkwardness of spending time creating and filling out questionnaires please allow me to introduce myself. I’ve gone by many names. Viktrious the Kingslayer. Nathaniel Hawksworth. ^Raven^. Arick Rolanputural III. Benjamin Kil’dred Nam’a’taht. Rajzar Raoub. Most people, however, call me Jonathan.

I’m a 30 year old retired local politician working in a public library that loves to game. Gaming, talking about gaming, and preparing to game are some of my favorite activities. They’re so beloved that I run my own gaming blog, CWF Game Cast, and bi-weekly gaming podcast titled Wargaming Recon. Naturally, I do those when I’m not on TrollITC posting about gaming.

As a kid I played the stereotypical children’s games. My grandfather and father taught me how to play chess. Checkers, Guess Who, Stratego, and Sorry were some of my favorite board games. Over the years I graduated into playing classic Milton Bradley games like Axis & Allies, Broadsides and Boarding Parties, Conquest of the Empire, and Shogun (now known as Samurai Swords).

My gaming experience drastically changed when I graduated high school and bought into Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, and Battlefleet Gothic. That transformed me into, primarily, a miniatures wargamer. I still play a healthy dose of board and card games. But, my focus was forever shifted onto miniatures.

The one oddity in all of this is my love of roleplaying games. I say that RPGs are the oddity, for me, because I didn’t play a pen and paper RPG until Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition came out. I had seen earlier versions of the game, such as AD&D, but never actually played them. It seemed too confusing to create a character, learn the game mechanics, find a party to adventure with, and get a great dungeon master. Fourth edition made most of that absurdly easy.

By now you get the picture. I love games and have played a variety of them. The question remains, “what can you expect me to post on TrollITC?” You can bet to see the usual content that one shares on a gaming blog. I will review gaming products, share my thoughts on games, and discuss my gaming life. Currently I’m enraptured with Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules. Or, as I prefer to call them “Suggested Guidelines for Gentlemanly Wargaming.” Those rules are the system for an American Civil War scenario, Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek, that a couple of my friends are running with me at the Total Confusion game convention this February. I am sure to discuss my process of bringing this game to a convention reality.

Before I end this piece I want to thank you for sticking around this long. I am long-winded, which is a bad thing for a journalist and a blogger. We’re supposed to write tight as my high school and college journalism teacher used to say. That’s hard to do when there’s so much to talk about. It is a good thing that Ben is around to keep me in line each week when I share a new post with you.

If there are games, topics, or anything gaming related you want me to share, then please don’t hesitate to be heard. You can leave comments on this post or e-mail me privately at

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