A bit about where I am coming from

My name is Quinn Conklin and I am a gamer.

My first character died when I was in fourth grade. The wall he chose to lean against while the thief was exploring the room turned out to be a gelatinous cube. That year for Christmas I begged my parents for my first set of gaming books, the classic D&D red box. I still have a few of the dice that came with that set knocking around my dice bag.

From there I moved up through the boxed sets and finally graduated to the hardcover books. At some point I was introduced to the wider world of other games. I played Gama World and the TSR Marvel Superheroes, and I remember my grandmother buying Star Frontiers for me at Toys-R-Us. Well before I left the safety of the boxed sets, however, I slipped behind the screen for the first time.

I do not remember what I ran my players through in those games. It was probably some now classic D&D module involving The Slave Lords. By junior high something changed. I was building my own worlds, telling my own stories. My next clear gamming memory is a friend being excited about a boxed set called the Forgotten Realms. He was rattling on about the gods and the locations while I thought to myself “Why let someone else have all the fun.”

In High School my friends and I were all about the superhero games. We played in a large shared world trading, each player having dozens of characters there would be teem ups and crossovers. Everyone in our group took turns GMing, Mike and I would set things up and Sid would swoop in and knock them down without own epic Secret Warsesque crossover event.

Since those days it seems I am always looking for a gaming group. People went off to college, got jobs, the whole nine yards. To make it work, to find people to play with, I have played a vast array of games from the big name brands down to some ultra small press releases.

That was the state of my gaming life for many years. Then something changed. Google+ launched and I fell out of the GM chair and into the industry. It started with doing some copy editing on the Fate Edition of Kerberos Club for a copy of the game, an ideal conversation with A. Miles Davis in my first G+ hangout and I was doing layout and art for the game Homicidal Transients. Now I am writing Toys for the Sandbox for Occult Moon, a set of systemless locations to drop in to and fantasy game.

That is my gaming life. What will my bit of digital turf be like here at Troll in the Corner? I am not really sure yet. I expect some world building discussions, perhaps a review here and there and possibly an interview or two with the people who make the games we love.

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