Welcome to My Corner!

Attributed to James Bowe

Welcome to my corner of Troll in the Corner! When I heard Troll in the Corner was looking for additional contributors to the blog I sent off some examples of my previous work and soon I was getting setup with a posting account and a regularly scheduled day for posting! As you can see by checking your calendar, I will be regularly posting articles here at Troll in the Corner on Tuesdays!

First, a little about myself. My name is Jeffrey, frequently known as some variation of IronWolf about the webs. I have been playing RPG games since the 1981-ish time frame. I made my start with the Moldvay Basic D&D Set which I received as a prize for selling greeting cards and earning a certain amount of points. Little did I know the path that boxed set was going to lead me down. I have had a few hiatuses from RPG gaming over the years, but I always seem to get drawn back to the world of RPG gaming.

Over the years I have played Basic D&D, 1st Edition AD&D, 2nd Edition AD&D, 3.x Edition D&D, a slight dabbling in 4e and am now a regular Pathfinder player. Though my default gaming genre is fantasy, I have also experimented with Mutants and Masterminds, Star Wars, Twilight 2000, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a few more systems over the years.

I am currently running a Pathfinder Kingmaker game for a local group. My group has been gaming for six years or so now. I have been fortunate to have a very stable group and people to alternate GMing roles with. I also fill some of my spare time with some play-by-post games, all Pathfinder at the moment. While a little slower paced, they serve well for their format.

Outside of my day job, I have been working on honing my writing and design skills and writing various RPG related “crunch” in the form of magical items, chases under the Pathfinder chase rules and more for practice.

I also run my own blog which I will continue to post to over at The Iron Tavern. Feel free to check the Tavern out to see what types of things I have put out in the blogosphere prior to my appearance here. You will find commentary, advice, product reviews and more at The Iron Tavern.

My contributions at Troll in the Corner are apt to be commentary about various hot topics in the RPG community and hopefully some product reviews. I am also hoping to make a couple of the big conventions this year and will work to post updates frequently here as well from those cons – looking like Origins and Gen Con and in light of recent announcements, possibly trying to sneak up to DDXP later this month if scheduling permits.

I am also curious to hear what the readers at Troll in the Corner would like to hear more about. If you have some thoughts, feel free to post in the comments section and I will see what I can do! In the meantime I look forward to being a regular contributor from here in my little corner!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to My Corner!

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  1. Hi Jeffrey. Like you I am a new contributor to TrollITC. My inaugural piece will debut this Friday but my normal day will be Thursdays.

    I know nothing about Pathfinder and would love to hear your thoughts on DMing Pathfinder, running your own blog, and your efforts to create your own RPG materials.

    Out of curiosity where do you live that you can tend chickens?


    1. Looking forward to your post!

      You’ve given me several good ideas for future posts! They are being written down on my idea list!

      I live in a rural area of Ohio. We don’t have a lot of chickens, just enough for eggs for the family. But they take a bit of maintenance!


  2. Hi Jeffrey (Jeff?),
    I’m also new here, drop me a line if you want to talk about anything, any time. I’m looking to collaborate with other authors frequently! Good luck!


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