Art. I have it.

Encounter ~ Plots ~ Places is chugging along as well as it can be (more on that in just a bit) and I’m happy to say that I’ve taken delivery of the first four pieces of original artwork for the book!

Khairul Hisham has come through with four amazing pieces of artwork. And he did it pretty damned fast too, which has impressed me no end. Without further text getting in your way, here are the images!

In other, less cheery news, I seem to have done something relatively nasty to my shoulder. For the gory details, see below. Long story short though, it’s impacting my ability to type or sit at a keyboard for long periods of time.

It hasn’t kept me from writing, but it’s sure as heck slowed me down. I’m looking at surgery in December with a minimum two weeks before I’ll be back at the keyboard – and that typing awkwardly from a sling. I expect this will impact this project by about a month’s worth of delays, possibly six weeks. I’ll do my best to minimize this impact but it’s pretty much out of my control at this point.

The gory details.

Like most folks, my bicep muscles have an attachment point to my upper shoulder in the form of a tendon. This tendon has partially torn. Almost like what’s in the picture, but it hasn’t completely detached. Most of the time it’s uncomfortable but often enough it just plain hurts. I’m still working, but at a much slower pace. Since my job involves a ton of typing, that can wipe me out for the day.

So down a bit, but not out!

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