Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places: a second preview PDF is now available

You can now download, free of charge, the second preview PDF for Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places! This preview features the curious nation state of Redd’optalis, and it’s even more curious political structure. This is the second in a series of preview PDFs which will lead to the publication of EPP at the end of this year. The PDF will retail for $5 and the full color, softcover book for $15.

As it now stands, the finished product will be 50+ pages long. What I’ve found while writing it is that it’s taken on something of a life of its own and is slowly growing. As I add artwork and backer generated content, I’m also getting the occasional (ahem) flash of brilliance and adding bits of new material, Redd’optalis being an example of this.

The EPP Project was successfully backed via Kickstarter, allowing me to order additional original artwork for these late additions and for the content my backers are coming up with. I’m very happy to be able to commission original artwork from published artist Khairul Hisham. The first of these commissions is being created right now.

I’ve also lined up a number of ‘pre-beta’ readers. Backers and others in the community who’ve assisted me before with forthcoming products. They’re getting the chance to look at the document as a work in progress and currently have all of the NPCs in their hands. Once the book is finished and has gone through its first full edit, I’ll release a beta version for a wider audience to take a look at.

With all of this being managed by me, there’s a real chance that the project may be delayed a bit but I’m hoping not! Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to dedicated that time to other things like eating, sleeping and family. So I ask for early forgiveness if this does fall a bit behind – I’m doing my best to stick to the deadlines I’ve set.

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