Pathfinder is Magical

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Sean Holland from the Sea of Stars here again.  Having looked at Divine Products, we now continue our look at supplementary material for Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG, we move into one of the widest area of products: supplement for magic.  We will look at support for both arcane magic classes and collections of new spells in this article.

Might of the Magus
Might of the Magus

The Magus from the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide (APG) mixes weapons and wizardry.  Open Design has an Advanced Feats: Might of the Magus (my review thereof), Rite Publishing has Secrets of the Magus (review) and Super Genius Games provides Ultimate Options: New Magus Arcana [SGG also did their own version of the Magus that predated the APG: Genius Guide to: the Magus (review)].

The Sorcerer, with their multitude of magical bloodlines have become a flexible and unique arcane spellcaster.  Gun Metal Games provides more Sorcerer Bloodlines and LPJ Design presents more feats -for both Sorcerers and Wizards- in Undefeatable 1.

The Summoner, also from the APG, is an expert of summoning creature and always has a companion in the form of an eidolon.  Naturally, it has its own Advanced Feats: Summoner’s Circle (review).

Eldritch Secrets
Eldritch Secrets

The Witch, again a new APG addition, deals their magic with hexes as well as spells and have a wide range of interesting thematic abilities.  Their abilities are expanded by Advanced Feat: Witch’s Brew and Advanced Options: Witches Hexes.

The Wizard, the iconic fantasy spellcaster, with books, scrolls and staves (and in D&D tradition, often a familiar).  As the oldest of the spell casting classes, most of their options are included in the core Pathfinder material.

However, a wide variety of additional spells are available from such people as Headless Hydra Games Eldritch Secrets, Vol 1 and Rite Publishing‘s 101 Spells for levels 0 through 9th.

Now, go make some magic people!

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