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Sean Holland of the Sea of Stars here, I have been kindly invited to do a biweekly column on new Pathfinder and OGL products for Troll in the Corner.  Since so much material has been coming out for Pathfinder, and a lesser amount for OGL games, I thought it best to start with some themes and then once I have caught up, then this column can settle into a more chronological presentation.

Wolfgang Bauer’s Open Design has an entire set of products, the Divine Favor line, dedicated to the faithful Pathfinder classes:

The Cleric, the classic of the divine spell caster going back to the beginning of the game.  Because it has been around for so long, the Cleric is often neglected which is unfair as they are an important and interesting class.  Tenletter has a review up of DF: the Cleric as does the Tower of the Lonely GM.


DF: the Druid
DF: the Druid

The Druid, again, one of the traditional divine spell casting classes, focused on nature and natural magic.  Originally quasi-Celtic in its envisioning, the Druid has become the all purpose wilderness spellcaster.  Again, as one of the classes that has been around for ages, it is often overlooked.  But not by the Tower of the Lonely GM who reviewed this product as well.

The Inquisitor, one of the new Advance Player’s Guide (APG) base classes, a partial spell-caster with lots of interesting tricks.  I have only just seen this class in play but it seems to have a lot of potential.

The Oracle, the new divine spell caster again from the APG, the sorcerer of the divine set.  The Oracle has all sorts of potential both mechanically and in role-playing so I am glad to see it get some support.  You can look at my review as well as one from the Tower.

The Paladin, the archetypical holy soldier, always a subject of much debate in how they should be played.  Again, the Tower of the Lonely GM provides a review.

Visions of the Oracle
Visions of the Oracle

Open Design’s Advance Feats series also had a volume on the Inquisitor (Inquisitor’s Edge) and the Oracle (Visions of the Oracle) and both are reprinted in the Complete Advanced Feats.

For general divine feats, Super Genius Games has The Genius Guide to Feats of Divine Might.

You can find more Clerical and Druidical feats with LPJ Design‘s Undefeatable 2: Clerics and Undefeatable 8: Druids.

For inquisitors, Super Genius Games gives us Advanced Options: Inquisitors’ Judgements.

Oracles are popular with both Super Genius Games providing Advanced Options: Additional Oracle Curses and Above Average CreationsOracle Curses.

Paladins get more Feats from LPJ Design‘s Undefeatable 7: Paladins.

Now, so much good stuff has come out that I almost certainly have missed some,  so please feel free to point out anything I may have missed.

Enjoy the blessings of these fine products and good gaming all.


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