Portrait of a Gamer: The three stages of character developement

Much like growing up, and a little bit like the process of grieving, I have identified 3 stages in character development that the standard gamer goes through in every campaign.  The illustrations were created by me and serve as illustrations of your standard gamers in each stage.  They’re actually the result of giving someone like me a powerful toy like an iPad at the gaming table.  PDFs?  Sure, whatever.  This is where the real breakthrough lies though – taking startlingly odd pictures of your gaming group.

Stage One: Creation

My character embodies within it all of my hopes and dreams for this campaign. They will become powerful beyond belief, if I could just figure out what page the rules about bashing with a glass shield are on. And has anyone thought to include the errata from The Munchkining Magazine, Issue 47, page 19 wherein all Elves are retroactively given the power to wiggle their ears? How will that affect my flight spell?  Extra points to Dodge?  No?

Stage 2: Anticipation

I could not be happier with the results!  My character has flown through the first ten levels and is everything I could want!  Well, except maybe I’m thinking of multi-classing into a bard/rogue/paladin.  Would that work?  I can probably bribe the GM with liquor.  Also, I wish my character’s Int stat was just slightly higher, which means I have to find that rod of  limited wish!  But other than that, the  armor I have, and the fact that I only have a +3 glaive, I’m good!

Stage 3: Fulfillment of Destiny

Total party kill.  Goddamned Tomb of Horrors! Whelp, guess I’ll play some WoW.

While this may not reflect every party out there (and actually, doesn’t reflect my own very well), we’ve all been there, right?

2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Gamer: The three stages of character developement

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  1. I’ve found that most of my characters go through a “wtf I did not plan this” phase somewhere in the middle. As in, “wtf, why does my adventuring noble have a code vs killing? How was I unaware of this?” or “wtf, I thought this character was straight why is she flirting with the assassin?” or “wtf, when did my berserker get so ethical?”


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