Argyle & Crew torrent file

Argyle and Crew was released last Thursday and is doing quite well!  For several days it was the number one indie title on DriveThruRPG, which is very gratifying! The PDF is selling for $2.99.

Since I’ve released it as a Creative Commons title, allowing the free sharing of it without repercussions, I thought I’d include this link to the .torrent as well.  This is the .zip file containing the three PDFs available at DTRPG.  There’s another .torrent available from Demonoid (which is currently offline?) as well, which is the PDFs in a non-zipped format. That may or may not be working.

In other A&C news, I’ve got the printed proofs from and heading my way via the USPS.  As soon as I approve those, you’ll be able to purchase the game as a full color softcover from both Lulu and

The files are also at DriveThruRPG and are in ‘pre-media’ – meaning, they’re being worked on.  I should be able to get a proof from there in a week or two and have that available as well.  You’ll be able to pick up the softcover from DTRPG for $9.00, with the bundle of both print and PDF running $10. Amazon and Lulu are a bit more expensive, for reasons unknown to this author.

I’ll be releasing a few more scenarios soon as well for the game, along with a lesson plan -all of which will be available free of charge.

I’d also like to remind you that 25% of all sales from this game go directly to The Wayne Foundation – a 503(c) charitable organization dedicated to stamping out child prostitution in the US and support those children who fall victim to it.  This will include both PDF and print versions.

Last thing – if you know of any teachers, educators or child councilors who could use a copy, either give ’em one, or let me know and I’ll get one off to them.

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